Monday, June 29, 2009

No news Monday.

Another list day:
  • B's lymph nodes have stopped shrinking but don't appear to be growing.
  • Vet appt tomorrow at 12:30. RE appt at 2. Not sure how I'm going to make both. Unless it is raining (AGAIN), in which case I can just keep B in the car while I'm in my appt. With my luck, it will be the ONE day it's not raining.
  • My period has ended so last night was a sex night. Unfortunately, III didn't get his 'happy ending'. It was one of those situations where I changed position at the wrong time and ... I don't know. Scared it away? I feel bad - it's been like three or four weeks and then it was kind of a bust. Or not. ha ha ha
  • I have to pack for our trip. I'm not excited because I'm afraid to leave B.
  • I got a new computer!! Mine was about 5 yrs old and slow as molasses. I got a laptop and it's super nice. Especially exciting is that it has a webcam. I used Sk.ype for the first time the other day to talk to my dad and nephew.
That's all I've got for now. :)

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michelle said...

Oh a snazzy new laptop. I just got one recently too and I love it! I hope you have a relaxing trip. I am sure that B will miss you like crazy. Who is he staying with when you are gone?

We are taking Marley with us on vacation for the first time. Honestly I am a little concerned that it might be too much activity for her in a house with another dog, two cats, a toddler, LOTS of walks and beach time and a new environment. She will be so exhausted I am sure.