Friday, June 12, 2009


"Occasionally, fertilization with conventional IVF is unsuccessful and no eggs fertilize normally. There may be complete fertilization failure or abnormal fertilization (i.e. polyspermic fertilization where more than one sperm fertilizes an egg). Egg and/or sperm defects can cause fertilization failure. If a significant percentage of eggs fail to fertilize (i.e. there are too few fertilized eggs for a reasonable chance of pregnancy), IC.SI may be performed on the unfertilized eggs the day after egg retrieval. There are only a few reports of pregnancies from eggs fertilized by ICSI on the day after retrieval. Immature eggs cannot be fertilized unless they complete the maturation process in culture. Some immature eggs require up to 24-36 hours in culture to mature. It is not unusual to observe “late” fertilization of such eggs up to 24 hours after insemination. However, the chance of a successful pregnancy from these late fertilized eggs is slim."

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Jess said...

I'm not going to give you some uplifting message because I'm not sure what to say, so I'm going to pout with you and say...WAH! Life isn't fair! I hate the hand we were all dealt...this is bullshit!

Big hugs! I am praying that in the end, you will have some eggies and have a baby. I just went to the site and it looks like the next cycle could be successful.

I read this from the link you posted:
At Reproductive Sciences Center, ICSI is performed only when there is a medical indication for doing so, such as an abnormal semen analysis, previous poor fertilization with conventional IVF, unexplained infertility, and in conjunction with testicular and epididymal sperm extraction. ICSI fertilization rates generally range from 50% to 80% (NOT BAD ODDS...I THINK EVEN THE MATH TEACHER COULD BE PLEASED) of injected eggs depending on both egg and sperm quality. Certain couples achieve consistently low ICSI fertilization rates (less than 30%) and they may be candidates for assisted oocyte activation with ICSI (an experimental technique that may enhance fertilization rates).

I know you may not want to do this again but it looks like ICSI isn't too successful at this point but it looks like it could be in the future.