Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Waning hope...

So, despite my advice to C based on the (photocopied) words of my RE office, the bleeding I'm having today is making me feel very pessimistic for a positive beta.

**TMI Warning**

I've progressed from the 'tinted' prog. discharge to definite spotting. In fact, I even had what seemed like some tiny clots and/or bloody mucus. (I warned you!) I put on an actual pad, since I was headed to sit in front of about 500 parents and friends of my students for an end of the year ceremony. It seems to have slowed, but those clotty things freaked me out a bit.

I've had spotting every cycle since I went off the pill (20 months, 1 week and 4 days ago... thank you blog ticker...). My gyn told me before I even stepped foot in the RE's office for my first appointment that it was perfectly possible to have that bleeding the month that I am actually pregnant. So, rationally, I know it is possible that it means nothing. But my heart isn't listening.


Today was the last day with kids, and it was a half day so I got to come home early. B-dog is at the vet for the treatment, and it was hard to drop her off this morning because she was reluctant to leave her. I'm hoping she's done earlier rather than later. Waiting for the call... Then I'll have one more thing to obsess about, checking to see if her lymph nodes will go down. It only took one day the last time, so we'll see. Fingers are crossed.

I'm going to sit on the couch, knit, and watch crappy TV.

44 hours to my beta.

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just me, dawn said...

sending you a hug and some positive thoughts for your beta!!