Tuesday, June 9, 2009

24 hours until ER

So yay for lots of follicles... but I started thinking about how many eggs that means... c had her retrieval yesterday. She had 28 measurable follicles and they retrieved 21 eggs. Pretty good odds! 75%! (Yes, I am a math teacher...)

So I did a little goo.gling and found this chart:
So according to that, on average the number of eggs retrieved is around the number of follicles measured. Hopefully that will be the case for me!

I put one of the retainers into one of my piercings yesterday- its a 3 year old piercing. I think I'm actually going to take that one out right before the procedure. It's healed and a larger gauge so an hour shouldn't be a big deal. The other two are much smaller gauge and only four months old. I'm going to try to put the retainers in in the morning and see how it goes. It took me forty five minutes to put the barbell in the tragus two months ago and there was lots of blood and swelling. *sigh*

I'm having definite cramping, especially on the right, and my boobs are killing me. I hate it every time I have a new protocol/procedure because I hate not knowing exactly what to expect.

Non ttc related:

As I've mentioned before, I've been trying to add one housekeeping habit periodically. The dishes were the first, and now I'm trying to make sure I put my clothes away each night when I get into my pjs (instead of leaving them sitting on top of my dresser until there is a mountain o' clothes). I maintain that III notices what I don't do and doesn't pay attention to the things I do do.

Last night, I asked him- "Have you noticed my newest household resolution?" Guess what- he hasn't. He walked around last night trying to figure it out, and he couldn't. He actually has commented in the past about my clothes being on the dresser, but now that they haven't been there for two weeks, he didn't even notice!!! I don't know if I should be irritated or feel smug that I was right. ;)


c by the sea said...

HA! i swear my huz also only recognizes what i DON'T do and never what i do! so funny. although i do have a constant mountain o clothes on top of my dresser! maybe i should take on that resolution as well.

good luck tomorrow! i hope all your follies are filled with eggs :)

AJ48 said...

Good Luck tomorrow!!! I hope you get a LOT of eggies....and start loading up on the potassium, protein and gadorade!!! :)I will be waiting to hear how it all went!!

Caroline said...

I'm thinking of you...

I hope that DH appreciates the effort you have gone to. Sometimes they need it pointed out to them.

Jess said...

I will be thinking of you and praying that the you get plenty of eggs! 75% are pretty good odds! I really want this to be your cycle! :)

You remind me of my hubby and I'm your DH! I am always picking on Greg because he doesn't put his shoes away, leaves his clothes everywhere, never washes his dishes and doesn't make the bed if he is the last to wake up (not saying you do all these things) and I am the neat freak who gets upset and starts a fight over his messy habbits. I feel bad because sometimes he tries and I don't notice. It seems like it is easier to notice when somoene is not cleaning than when they are cleaning.