Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh blech

I am sicker than I remember being with any of my previous pregnancies. I know I was queasy but not sick with G-man. I remember being really nauseous with the twin pregnancy. I don't remember if I actually puked.

Yesterday I actually puked.

We were on vacation all week. I definitely felt queasy on and off. Trying to keep eating because that seems to help a bit. (Methinks I'll be gaining more than 28 pounds this time...) Yesterday we were headed home. I felt so awful in the car to the airport.... We got there and I told III he had to take care of the returning the car... then I booked it to the bathroom for a good old pregnancy puke. Awesome.

I'm nervous to go back to school. Not sure how to handle any potential puking... My room is not near anyone else's and I'm not supposed to leave the kids on their own. I had III buy me a bunch of things to try help with the nausea. Hopefully something is a winner.

The only other symptom I've had is a little dizziness and some fatigue. The tiredness isn't as bad as it was with G. The one that has me a little nervous is that my boobs don't hurt at all. That was the big one last time...

My ultrasound is at 9am on Monday. I'll be 7w6d. I have been very Zen about it. But if it's bad... that'll be bad. :( There is no reason to think it will be bad except that I've had bad before... And if it's NOT bad, then I have my first OB appointment on Wednesday. It's a brand new OB and she's going on maternity leave herself for 6 weeks, so she wanted to see me before she leaves.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. Please, please, please let there be a little raspberry with a flicker.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

So far so good....

Beta #2 was 100.4 and beta #3 was 317.2!!!! Ultrasound coming up last week of March. This is always the hardest part for me, especially because of my history. But I'm going to try to stay hopeful and positive...

Friday, March 8, 2013

IVF #5

Just after G-man's first birthday, we decided we wanted to do another cycle and try for another baby. However, with the move, that meant we had to find a new clinic. In spite of my heaps of research I did trying to find the best place, we hate our new clinic. The communication is awful, the staff has NO compassion, and III ended up having an altercation (verbal, not physical) with the front desk staff that resulted in an asinine meeting with our doctor- which he chose to schedule immediately after my transfer. So, yeah there's that.

But anyway...

Though we sought them out in September, between the testing they wanted to do, their closing over the holidays, and again that lack of communication, this cycle didn't start until February.

CD 1 was February 7. They had me on the follistem pen and menopur. They also used ganirelix (I think) instead of lupron and PIO rather than endometrin.

I had my ER on the 19th and they got 11 eggs. 10 were mature, but only 7 made it to day 3. They ended up testing 5 (not sure what happened to the other two... again, their communication is pretty sucky) and 2 were normal. So we transferred 2 grade A blasts on 2/17.

I took an HPT 8dp5dt and it was very, very faint. I took another the morning of my beta, this past Wednesday, and it was again really faint. I went in for my beta and (more miscommunication) didn't hear the results until Thursday morning... 38.6. Positive but so very low, especially after getting a + on Monday... I expected it would be at least 50 since, supposedly, the test I use detects at 25. 

I just got back from my second blood draw. 12dp5dt... So I'm waiting and hoping for at least a 60. I took another HPT last night (torturing myself?) and it was still positive, but also still very light. I know that the "darkness" of the line isn't really SUPPOSED to matter, but... well, you all know how it goes.

So keeping all my fingers, toes, legs, etc crossed for a doubling beta. I figure 60 is a 72hr double so higher than that would be even better. 

On the shitty chance that this cycle doesn't work, we are not returning to this clinic. We have talked about going back to our old clinic for the cycle, though it means traveling. But we'd have to wait until the summer, and I'm not sure I'm that patient... so I guess we'll find out what happens with today's beta and go from there.

Oh, hi.

Don't know if anyone out there will read these, as I've not updated in so long that I didn't even know how to use the "new" blogger... lol. But we've started a new cycle, and I've found myself coming back to my blog to check info from my previous cycles. So I'm going to do some blogging about this cycle, mostly to help me keep track of what's going on.

BUT in case there is anyone still out there...

  • we're still in our new city, and bought a house this past summer. I don't like it here and feel like I may never settle in. III doesn't really like his job, so that doesn't help. We do have a lovely house, though, with a huge yard for the dogs and G-man
  • G-man is... amazing. Almost 19 months and a sweet, busy, funny, smart little man. As much as I want another baby, if for whatever reason it doesn't happen, we got EXTRA lucky with the one we've got
  • I've been teaching part time and I don't like my school. It's not a good fit for me. I'm counting the days (98) until the summer arrives and I can be done.

So that's it in a nutshell... :)