Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a WOW for support!


Thanks to whoever submitted my blog to LFCA! When I got the first comment, I had no idea what it meant. Then as more poured in, I goo.gled it and found the blog. Thanks so much for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers. Honestly, this is probably messed up, but the most reassuring thing to me about it is knowing that this is a really crappy deal, and I'm not just feeling sorry for myself.

But, damn, do I feel sorry for myself.

Today I am wearing my new sweater and my favorite boots. But it's not helping because I am CRANKY. I want to be at home, in sweatpants, on the couch, watching some stupid TV show and wasting time on Instead, I have to stay late because it's my extra help day, and then I have a T-O-N of grading to do, because I'm still catching up from being out last week. Unfortunately, I could not feel any less motivated.

One of the only benefits of not being pregnant is that I went shopping at my favorite wine store yesterday and am excited about my purchases. Can't wait to uncork a new bottle tonight and see how it is.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still hurting. :(

I feel like I compose blog entries in my head (usually when I'm trying to fall asleep, which then turns out to be counterproductive) and then when I get here, I don't know what to say.

After having very little bleeding, I started having more on Saturday. (Oh great. Just what I want while traveling.) It's still going today. It's not bad- I'm not worried. But continuous. With the bleeding came more feelings of loss. The miscarriage feels more real now. While I know it is likely that this baby wasn't meant to be born (whatever health/genetic issues it probably had) I'm sad that I won't be a mom by May.

On top of that, as I'd mentioned in passing, KB is pregnant. I was due two weeks before she is. Yesterday she was telling me how nauseous she is. Yeah, well. I wish I was nauseous. (Well, only if I was pregnant... but you get what I mean...) It's already really hard on both of us. Her 2 SILs were pregnant at the same time, and then one of them miscarried- she called and spoke to her about it because she's feeling like she doesn't know what to do. Neither do I. I'm her 'person'. But right now everything hurts so much that, even if she wasn't pregnant, I'm not sure how helpful I'd be. I'm feeling very anti-social right now, but it's super important to me to keep our friendship intact through this.

At this moment, as I type this, I'd say I'm generally feeling 'okay'. That is not usually the case. In general, I feel worse than I ever have before. I got my picture of B-dog in the mail yesterday and hung it up. It looks great. I miss her so much. Having the m/c hit me, it's just all too much. I feel like I have a huge space inside of my chest. I don't know how else to explain it. A hole. Empty but painful.

The hardest thing is that I am the type that I want to do something to fix whatever is wrong with me at any time. But there is nothing to do. I can't stop the hurt. I can't see my girl. I can't make myself pregnant. Nothing.

I have therapy today and I'm dreading it. It's just going to be rehashing everything and there is nothing she can do either.

I have done two things. I called my RE's office today. I have to set up a "follow up" appointment (ie: a WTF appt) with my doctor. She said he'll probably want to do a hystowhatever to see if I have polyps or fibroids. (Which I do. Have at least one fibroid- maybe two, according to icky u/s dr.) I also have been looking for another boxer. No dog will every replace B, but we need something happy and exciting in our life, and getting another dog will do that. Plus, M-dog is already lonely. I contacted the rescue we've used in the past, along with a second local rescue and have contacted 2 places about specific dogs' availabilities. So hopefully something will come through soon.

III and I decided that our Sept '09 was cursed. So I'm ready for October. It's my favorite month anyway, and our anniversary is right in the middle. Please, whoever is out there in charge, help things turn around for us. :( :( :(

Friday, September 25, 2009


I feel empty after losing my pregnancy.

I feel broken after losing my dog.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've said this before; while I've never been one to believe that 'everything happens for a reason' I do believe that good things come from bad. While I never would have wanted to miscarry, the fact that I did and had a D&C on Tuesday necessitated that I be home on Wednesday. I'm so glad i was. B-dog woke up feeling really crappy, and by 10am I realized I couldn't bear to make her wait until our 4pm appt.

I called III at work and he came home. We took her at noon. I am glad I decided to do it at the vet clinic. She was so miserable and just lay on the floor, but when her doctor came in, she recognized her and wagged her tail. All three of us (III, me and the vet) cried through the whole thing. It was peaceful, but we're all just broken hearted about it.

I already miss her. I can't believe she's gone. I can't believe that when I go home from work today she won't be there. I can't believe that I won't be able to bury my face in her fur to make myself feel better about this (which is what I would have done, even when I was upset about her being sick). I can't fathom that I'm still here, living my day to day life, but she is no longer.

One of the hardest parts is that... she's a dog. Am I supposed to feel this way about a dog? I don't care, though. She was my best friend and made me feel a way no one else can.

I think M-dog has figured out what happened. When he first came home, and he realized she wasn't there, he looked for her. For a while. But throughout the evening he seemed to realize what had happened. I'm sure he knew she was very sick. He spent the rest of the night curled up looking sad... except when III left to go to a class. Then he sat on the stairs, looking for him, as if he was afraid he wouldn't come back either. I had a fabric collar of B's that I had taken off of her and it had been sitting on the living room ottoman for weeks. M came over to me and must have gotten a whiff of it, because he turned and started smelling it deeply. It made me sad- I didn't want him to get confused- so I put it away.

I can't imagine I will ever be completely healed from this, though I know it will get better- less painful. In the meantime I am doing whatever I can to feel better. I arranged to have her body picked up and cremated and the ashes are going to be sent to us via UPS. (Ironic because the UPS guy hated her.) I want to bury her ashes near a tree III planted a few years ago- for some reason, she had this constant compulsion to dig in the dirt around it. It drove III crazy, but it made me laugh. I loved when she did doggy things. :) I ordered a stone like this on to put near the tree- it will "match" the ring of stones III has used to surround the the tree while it's growing.
From the same shop, I ordered this pendant with B's name engraved on the back.
I should receive this in a week or two, and expect that it will take about the same amount of times to get her ashes. I can't have her with me anymore, but I can keep these memorials of her close to me. Hopefully it will help keep the pain in my heart more manageable. :(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dual losses.

My brain is full but numb at the same time. I am up super early because I can't turn it off.

I didn't like the doctor who did my u/s. It wasn't my doctor- they send you to a different place for u/s. When he did the external, I commented that I had had one at 7 weeks at my clinic. He said "This is an IVF pregnancy?" I didn't like his tone. Now I know why there was a tone.

When he did the internal u/s it was amazing how much the fetus had grown in one week. Last week it looked like a seahorse shaped blob. This week I could see the shape of the body and could clearly see the head.

What I couldn't see was a heartbeat. It was conspicuously missing.

My baby stopped growing at 8w, four days before my appointment.

I had a D&C yesterday. I love, love, love my OBGYN. She totally squeezed me in so we could get it done asap and so it didn't interfere with our travel plans this weekend. (Family wedding-unavoidable.) Between my infertility status and my diagnosed anxiety disorder, my insurance will pay for chromosomal testing even though this is my first miscarriage. (My first. Please let it also be the last....) It will take two weeks to get the results.

III was obviously with me. I did okay for most of the intake. Until the idiot nurse we had, who was asking me questions in her obscenely cheerful voice like "How far along were you?" concluded her idiocy by asking "This was an IVF pregnancy?" Cue tears. Once I started, I couldn't stop.

Among the many, many awesome things about my OBGYN is her insistence that a patient be pretty much totally asleep for the procedure. The anesthesiologist was the opposite of idiot nurse. He actually gave me a bit of a giggle. As he's asking his questions, he said "This one's a little embarrassing..." I'm thinking, geez! What is he going to ask me? Followed by "Do you snore?" After he left the room, I said to III, "They are about to go in through my vagina to scrape out my uterus, and he thinks 'Do you snore?' is an embarrassing question???" LOL

I am having very little bleeding and am physically feeling fairly comfortable. My cramps are there but not even bad enough to have taken the motrin my doctor prescribed.

This pregnancy seems unreal. Like I imagined it. I never felt totally pregnant, and was worried for much of it that it would end like this. Sometimes I am okay, and then a few minutes later I'm in tears. In an email to my old roommate, I told her how I (morbidly maybe) always wondered how I'd feel in this situation in terms of losing a pregnancy-- losing a baby? A fetus? Turns out I feel similarly to how I thought. In my previous post about neo.natal loss, one of the things I found said that in Judaism, while they don't consider a baby to be a full person until it is born, a fetus is as important because of the potential of becoming a life. That's how I'm feeling. I don't feel the same as if I had lost a full term live BABY but I have lost the potential of this baby.*

I'm sure they will make me take a break. I plan to ask my doctor how much of the break is for emotional reasons. Because, for me, the hardest part of this is the loss of more time. I am ready to be a mom. I want that to happen as soon as possible.

*This says nothing of people who do feel the same as if they had lost a full term baby. It's just how I'm feeling.

Today is the day I have been dreading for almost five years.

This afternoon, we take B-dog to be euthanized.

It was such a hard decision for me, but III kind of put his foot down this week, which is probably what I needed. She has been quickly deteriorating over the past week. She is starting to have trouble eating and pooping. She tires very quickly. She is just not herself.

Except, sometimes she is. She wants cheese, and if we have it, she's going to sit pretty and look at us as if to say "See what a good girl I'm being!" She barks at the mailman and even last night, her last 9pm potty break, she ran outside to try and chase bunnies.

But she's restless at night instead of sleeping. She chooses the coolest spot on the hardwood floor (or this morning even the bathroom tile) instead of the cushy bed, which she has been invited onto. She's had accidents for the past three days.

I had originally planned to have a vet who was recommended by a friend come to the house to do it. As we made our final decision, I began to have second thoughts. Dr. C is the vet who did all of her cancer treatments. Dr. C loves my B-dog almost as much as I do. The rest of the staff there too- B is a super star there in a way that M-dog or other dogs I've seen there are not. People just love her. So I decided that a) it would give everyone there a chance to say goodbye and b) B would be with a vet who she knows and loves. I called to ask if she would do it, and Dr. C told me "Of course I will. It will kill me- just to warn you I'll cry. But I will do it." I told her we could cry together.

So I have nine hours left with my best friend. I plan to order pizza for lunch and share it with her- it's her favorite. III told me "I can go to the grocery store and get one of their frozen pizzas," but I told him "No, B prefers delivery."

This is going to break my heart. But it's time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out of control

I had a dream last night that I was driving my car in an icy parking lot. I was sliding all over and my brakes did nothing on the ice. Eventually, my car slammed into the front of another parked car and then kept going.

I guess it doesn't take a psychic to figure out what that dream means....

Monday, September 21, 2009

No heartbeat.

If I had the energy I could tell you in more detail about the hellish day I've had.

About how we've decided we will need to put B-dog to sleep this week.

About how I cried all morning about it at school.

About how my OB appt was over 30 minutes late.

About how when she sent me to the u/s office they didn't take me for over an hour.

But the subject line pretty much sums it up.

I don't know if I can do this again....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Be careful what you wish for....

I feel like shit today.

At least it's reassuring. LOL

I am wearing "slacks" today (my friends laugh at me when I use that word... I guess it's old fashioned?) that have an inside button and then 2 hooks. Yeah, not so much. I have it rigged up with 2 hair rubber bands, but still not ideal.

So the first thing I did when I got to school this morning was get online and buy a band. I think they should sell those for non pregnant women too. Wouldn't it be great for those "fat days" and feeling premenstrual? Or when you are in between sizes because you are on a diet/exercise plan?

My queasiness and shakiness (today's top symptoms) led me to tell my team (the other 3 teachers I work with who have the same students I do). One already knew- I've worked with her for over ten years and she's like an aunt to me (not quite old enough to be a "mom" ;-)). The others were excited for me and are sworn to secrecy until I'm comfortable coming "out" to the general public. I also told a PT counselor who works at our school and is 5 mo pregnant. It's hard not to share when she's telling me about her pregnancy. ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just another reason why IF sucks.

Finally pregnant after close to two years... and I can't even enjoy it!

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday, and now today, I felt better than I have the last two weeks. Woohoo right? No. Of course that makes me super worried that the little creature in my uterus has stopped growing and I am having a missed miscarriage.

I am fully aware that symptoms can come and go. Plus, after my self imposed hiatus from the endo.metrin, I actually ran out last night and so didn't take it this morning (and more isn't coming until tomorrow, so another thing to worry about...). So that could be contributing.

It's not like I have no symptoms. My boobs have been sore from the beginning, though from what I've read not nearly as sore as many have, and they are still giving me plenty of twinges. When I eat alot my belly button hurts. III's eggs this morning made me need to open the window (though not as bad as on Monday). The apple cider vinegar trap we have set out for the nasty fruit flies in my classroom is also making me a bit nauseous. And my sense of smell is definitely more sensitive, as I feel like all of my students have bad breath today.

Despite all of this, I feel like my symptoms aren't as strong as they have been. And, in spite of my rational brain telling me to calm the heck down, my worry neurons are telling me it's bad.

I'm a worrier and probably would have this problem anyway. But IF has definitely made it stronger. Not to minimize anyone's miscarriage, but if I was "normal" (or like KB "advanced" in fertility, LOL) I would know that after a m/c I can "try again." If I was to m/c, it would be back to square one. Well, that's an exaggeration since we have frozen embryos. I guess it would be like square 3 or 4. But you get the idea.

Sorry I'm such a bitch and a whiner lately. I am just feeling very overwhelmed by all of this, and clearly sorry for myself. How pathetic. Thank god I have an OB appt on Monday, so I don't have to ruminate for too long before I can get some reassurance....

I may be back later today... I have some venting to do about others' expectations on me and feeling like a bad friend... :-/

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I woke up today a little less hungry and not very nauseous. Good, right? Except (you all understand) it makes me worry that there's something wrong. Of course, I am EXHAUSTED and the sore boobs are still around, so it's probably a useless worry.

I really just want to go home and take a nap. And now my stomach is rebelling in other ways and has me running to the bathroom. It appears it did not like the pretzels I ate an hour ago. Really? Pretzels???

I also am having another problem down below. I won't go into details, because I'm sure no one is interested in those sorts of details, but lets just say there's an irritation that gets more irritated every time I a) have to wipe after a potty break, b) have to insert that progesterone supplement and c) have to wear a pad to "catch" any mess from the progesterone supplement. So it is not healing and is very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough that I did not take my afternoon and evening progesterone last night in hopes of helping it along. Of course, that then contributes to my concern about my lack of nausea.

(Though typing that, I realize maybe that IS the reason for my lack of nausea, but not because of a dead fetus but because of the lower progesterone... I get to stop the supps all together in a little over a week, so it will be interesting to see what that does to my symptoms...)

I made my first OB appointment. It was a little tough to schedule, because my doc wants to see me at 8 weeks (which is Thursday! Eek!) even though I just had an u/s last week. So it has to be a noon appointment, which is not very convenient for a teacher. So I made it for Monday, and I'll take a half day- teach in the morning and get a sub for the afternoon. There's not really another option. I'm calling in sick on that Friday already for a family event, so I didn't want to be completely out on Monday too. I am not sure what they will do at this appt. I'm pretty sure they are not doing an u/s since I just had one. The secretary said it's about a half hour appt. I guess we'll see. I'm hoping I can get some clarification on my due date. According to the online calculator I used, with a retrieval date of 8/6 I should have a due date of 4/29. Dr. Z told me my due date is 5/1, but then he told me that I was 7w along last Thursday, which matches with a 4/29 due date. Notice I finally put the little widget up... I used the 4/29 due date so my week/day measurement would match what I've been told...

I'm not feeling like a very pleasant person right now. I feel like when I talk to people I'm just irritating them. I feel like III is irritated with me. In a total 180 from last year, I actually only feel like an interesting, productive, talented person when I'm teaching. I seem to have a good group this year and they seem to be enjoying class so far. But then, isn't that a dichotomy- I only feel (emotionally) good at work but I have a huge urge to stay home. Blah.

Aren't you glad you can just shut the browser after reading my blog today and not have to put up with me???? LOL

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mopey Sunday

I'm feeling mopey today. I'm also tired and still icky feeling. But mostly just blue. I guess I'll chalk it up to hormones. I also feel kind of fat. I'm only seven weeks and I've gained five pounds! What the heck? But I can't do anything about it, because the less I eat the more nauseous I feel. I've been trying to stick to healthier food... maybe some of it is water?

We went to a party for III's work last night. All they had to drink was beer, wine, and water. I should have thought about that and brought some soda myself. He's told a few of his friends at work- 3 who were at the party. Another friend (who was in our wedding) sent III a text message in the middle of the party: "Your wife is drinking water." LOL I'd guess he's not the only one who figured it out. Oh well, I guess that goes with the territory. The friends who he did tell are so, so excited. It's nice to see how much people like III.

The same friend who guessed why I wasn't drinking has a 3 month old baby. III was really caught up with the baby- tickling him and rubbing his head. It was super cute.

I'm going to sit around for a while and be unproductive. It's going to be a long week! Might as well rest up for it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I want a widget

I've been waiting for almost two years to be pregnant.

It's silly... but I want one of those widgets. You know, the one with the little growing fetus in it that counts up and down your pregnancy days.

But I'm scared. Superstitious. I figured I'd wait until we had a heartbeat and a due date. Now we have both. But I'm nervous to put one up... to tempt fate.

The stupidest part of that is that I don't believe in fate.

Here's one for the symptom watch: the smell of scrambled eggs makes me nauseous. Unfortunately, every morning, III eats scrambled eggs for breakfast. I can smell them all the way up in the bedroom. Ugh.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am exhausted and do not feel super. It's hard to make it through a full day of teaching without starting to feel crappy by the end of it. I think I've been pretty good about eating and staying hydrated throughout the day, but by about 1pm I'm pooped and often nauseous.

Today I woke up to a very little pink spotting again, exactly like Wednesday. Except, today there were 2 tiny clots. They weren't very big and there was no other bleeding so I did not call my dr. I know in general they say you should call if you have clots, but considering a) they were really small b) there was no other bleeding and c) I just had an u/s yesterday I decided to wait and see how things go. It's the weekend, so I can relax and if it happens again I'll definitely call.

Look how calm I'm being? Aren't you proud? I am. I'm working hard. The great u/s yesterday certainly helps. I'm sure that will only last so long, though. It's going to be a long 33 weeks!

I made my first pregnancy purchase on the recommendation of a friend. The book "The Girl.friend's to Preg.nancy". I'm only 30 pgs into it, but so far I like it. It's less of the medical and technical sides of things, and more advice from other women.

In other news, B-dog has a new and strange symptom. She has ulcerations on her tongue (one going all the way through) which are also causing some nasty rotting-smelling breath. (Really not great with my pregnancy nose...) I took her to the vet today and, as I had expected and hoped, they didn't do any biopsying or blood testing. It just doesn't make sense considering we know she has progressive cancer. The vet gave me antibiotics and an oral wash, which will hopefully take care of the stinky mouth and clear up any infection that might be causing or related to the sores. Luckily, other than that she is still feeling pretty good.

Finally, yay for C by the Sea! She just got a spectacular beta, and it's looking like there may be twins in her future! Woo hoo!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I had the same u/s tech as before. She probably looked at me and was like "Oh shit." But it turned out well, because everything went well and I think she was happy to be able to give me good news.

Heartbeat was 121. I measured 7 weeks, though Dr. Z said I'm technically 7w1d. Whatever. Doesn't matter to me! Due date is May 1. There is a small clot on the yoke sac, which he said happens a lot and likely won't be a problem, but would explain the spotting I had today. He said just to keep an eye on it.

Which he won't be doing because he released me to my OB! I thought I'd have one more appt at the clinic... but I love my OBGYN, so I'll be happy to head to her office (though not as conveniently located) for my appointments.

III did meet me there and was excited to see the h/b and I think a little overwhelmed. We're having a freaking baby!!!!

Now for a 180 degree change of subject...

I had a very, very good male friend all through college and after college. I do not have any brothers, but he was as close as I ever came to having someone who was like a brother to me. There was never anything romantic between us and we always had a really supportive and fun friendship. He welcomed new friends into the fold (like KB and my cousin AL) like they were old friends and was one of very few college friends whom I invited to my wedding.

When he met his wife, I really liked her and she and I became friends as well, even separate from him. Long story short, I think she was very jealous when I got engaged. She was one of those girls who really wanted to get married, so she started to get impatient after she'd been with my friend for 2 years and he hadn't proposed (they got engaged about 2.5 years into their relationship). III proposed after we'd only been together for 6 months. From that point on, she stopped calling me and started being pretty patronizing and snotty when we were all together. Shortly after that, her husband stopped returning calls as well. I sent him an email and told him that I was hurt he didn't return my calls or emails anymore, nor did he initiate contact. I asked him to let me know if he was upset with me about something. He called and left me a voice mail saying that of course he's not mad at me! That that was ridiculous and I should call him. I called him back, left him a message, and he never returned my call.

When his wife was 5 mo pregnant (now over 2 years ago) they came to my house with KB and her husband for dinner. His wife was unbearable. III said it's the only time in his life he felt uncomfortable in his own house. KB and her husband were also perplexed- was it pregnancy hormones or was something else going on?

That was the last time I talked to either my friend or his wife. I stopped trying, and neither of them made any effort to continue a friendship with me. KB and the wife stayed in contact for a little while- had a play date or two with their kids, and KB is friends with her.

I just got a friend request on from him.

I don't know what to do. Two years later I am still hurt and angry that he could write off our friendship so easily. As curious as I am to see what he has been up to, I am more inclined to deny the request. If he wants to be friends and reach out to me, isn't going to be enough. It's his turn to make some effort.

Am I being petty and immature? Maybe I don't care. I want to make him feel bad for being such a shitty friend. I know it can be hard if his wife decided she had a problem with me, but I'm still hurt and upset and not willing to be the "bigger person".

getting ready for u/s #2.

My 2nd u/s is in about two hours. I am 7 weeks today. I've been trying not to get worked up about it, and did a pretty good job until this morning. It didn't help that I'm having a little bit of blood in my endo.metrin discharge. (Nice mental picture, huh?) Really little, though, so I'm reminding myself that it is likely not a big deal. Luckily, I'm seeing the doctor today, so I don't have long to worry about it.

I'm currently unsure if III is going with me. He appears to have gone to work this morning... it could be that he's going to meet me there... I'm not sure. He didn't say. Or he forgot. I'm confused.

Yesterday I felt crappy on and off all day. Morning was icky. Mid day was better. Afternoon to evening was icky again. I've found that a banana and glass of milk before bed helps me a bit. Is that weird? Milk was always something to stay away from when I was nauseous... maybe because it coats my stomach? I don't know.

I am missing one class this morning for my appointment, and apparently am a little nervous about that (as it's only the third day of school) because last night I dreamt that I got to school and was pissed off to find that the substitute did not follow the very explicit directions I left. I'm sure it will be fine,and if it's not... well, is it really that big of a deal? But apparently my unconscious mind disagrees.

I will try to update after my u/s but may not be able to get here until this evening. Thanks all for pulling for me. I hope this is a good and reassuring one!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It doesn't matter how much I eat.

Or how recently I've eaten.

I'm hungry all of the time!!!

Let me recap my day for you:

5:30am- full bowl of cereal with milk.
6:45am- banana
9:00am- snack size tupp.erware of sugar snap peas
11:00am- apple
11:45am- PBnJ sandwich
1:00pm- small size tupp.erware of pretzels
3:00pm- Sweet 'n' Salty almond bar

A coworker with whom I do not really socialize outside of school says to me out of the blue today "Are you pregnant?" I was like.... "Um... why???" He said "I saw something on your" WTF? Turns out, my dad had asked on fb how III's dad was by asking "How's (name) Jr?" and this guy assumed, because the first name is the same as III, that's what it meant. I explained Jr was my FIL and he said "Then why did you get all defensive?" I said "Because we're doing fertility treatments." He as like "Oh." I hope he was embarrassed. What a question to ask like that!

I'm off to find another snack. I'm thinking dinner's about 2 hours away...

Monday, September 7, 2009

The P word.

It had taken both III and I a while to say "pregnant" out loud. As it is, I can probably count on one hand the number of times we've said it combined.

Today we had to wake up super early to fly home. The combination of the lack of sleep and my ongoing hunger had me feeling pretty queasy all day. In the car home, I was explaining this to III. He said, "Yeah, and I know we haven't been saying this, but you are pregnant." I said "That's what I meant." LOL. We've just been so wary. So he started saying "We're going to be two weeks away from our due date and someone's going to say 'Congratulations!' and the two of us will be like 'Shhhh!!! The baby's not here yet so it's not definite!' or someone will ask 'Have you picked out names?' and we'll say 'Shhh! Don't jinx it!'" LOL. It was very funny, but it's true- that's exactly how we've been tiptoeing around. Yes, it's clearly only 6 (and a half) weeks and we are anxiously waiting for that heartbeat... but I think we're both wondering when it will feel real and if we'll stop being so worried at some point.

I've started to admit to myself that I am having some symptoms. My boobs still hurt, though it seems not quite as much. I don't know if that's true, though, or if I'm just getting accustomed to it. I was feeling some random dizziness this weekend. If I don't eat every two or three hours I am still getting shaky, and also getting a bit queasy. I am not excited about the prospect of morning sickness, but am reminding myself it is a good (and reassuring) thing to have these symptoms. And I am tired, tired, tired. Just in time for school to start!

I didn't hear back from the clinic on Friday, so hopefully they'll call tomorrow. Although, obviously, if they don't I will call them. Keeping all my fingers crossed (once again) that my cranky uterus allows us to see that elusive heartbeat.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quick u/s update

I cried through the whole thing. Even before she told me anything. Embarrassing. But I was sooo nervous and it took a really long time. And once I started, I couldn't stop.

Basically, date-wise, I measure 6w1d. She found the sac and yolk sac, which each measured 6w1d. She did not find a heart beat.

Now, I knew that was a possibility because it is early. But I was still upset.

However... I have a tipped uterus. And a small fibroid. Both of which I knew. But the PA told me that the U/S tech said that because of that, combined with how early it is, it was a difficult scan. She had trouble finding my uterus, and then finding the sac. She thinks she may have seen the "crown rump" (?) (I don't even know what that means) but wasn't 100% sure.

So anyway. Things aren't bad. But not ideal- I wish we had seen a h/b. She offered to have me get an hcg level, but I asked if something was wrong would it show up on the bloodwork? She said probably not, so I didn't do it. She also said I could come back in like four or five days for another u/s but it might still be too early, especially with my uterine challenges, and she didn't want me to have to go through the same thing again if I didn't have to.

So I am supposed to go back for a 7w ultrasound. I called the woman who does my dr's appointments yesterday and left a message, but didn't hear back. I'm guessing this is because of the holiday- maybe she was out on Fri. So hopefully on Tues they will be able to schedule me for Thurs or Fri.

In other news... KB is also pregnant.

Won't be able to update for the rest of the weekend, but I'll be back Tues. Thanks to all who have been checking in!!! {{hugs}}

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feeling super anxious.

Too much on my plate today.

I'm not ready for students to come on Tuesday. I have so much to do in order to feel prepared, but it is likely not going to get done.

I'm nervous about traveling. I always get nervous traveling, but this is the first time in a while I've traveled on my own. I'm not afraid of traveling by myself, but being by myself allows me to get too inside my head and worry about all that could go wrong.

I vocalized to my neighbor today that I'm estimating B-dog has about a month. She's feeling ok still, but has lost some weight and her nodes are growing. My one month estimate is for when we will make the decision to put her down.

I'm going to the movies tonight with KB and others. Part of me doesn't want to go because I'm so stressed out and feel like I have so much to do, but the other part of me knows that is exactly why I should go... plus, I really, really want to see this particular movie.

My biggest anxiety: tomorrow is the big day. U/s day. I'm terrified I will get there and they will find that my embryo stopped growing. That it is still nestled in there making my boobs hurt and making me so hungry that if I don't eat every three hours I get shaky, but that it is empty or too small or has no heartbeat. And because of the family situation, I am going by myself. III was supposed to come with me so that he could see our potential baby and hopefully see a h/b, but to be 100% honest, I also wanted him there in case it was bad news so we could support each other. Please, please, please let everything be normal and growing and beating. I might not be able to handle it if it's not. I might have to crawl into my bed and never come out. I definitely don't know how I'll spend a weekend with the in-laws, despite the happy news that my FIL is doing very well (considering he was technically dead two days ago).

Yeah, I definitely need to go to the movie or I will sit here inside my own head and make myself nuts. I need a robot maid (you know, like Rosie on the Jetsons) to finish my laundry, pack, and get everything for my trip ready. That would definitely make life easier.

Wish me big luck tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loooong day.

Today was long but went quickly. Does that even make sense?

I didn't get as much done at school as I would have liked, but I spend a good part of it in an anxiety attack. I got a text from III late morning, but then couldn't get a hold of him. Not knowing what is going on is a huge anxiety trigger for me. I tried to do some breathing exercises, but it was hard because there was so much going on around me. So I just tried to focus on work and keep in mind that if something really bad had happened (like if FIL had died) I definitely would have heard.

III finally called me back and all is well. Well, as well as one can hope for with a failing heart. They are optimistic that he will be out of ICU today and into a cardiac unit. It's hard to be here waiting for info while they are all there and I look forward to being out there with III and his parents this weekend.

I spent the summer, and especially the last couple of weeks, just eating when I was hungry. Also, I wasn't very active. I'm going to have to figure out the eating thing when I'm working, because already today I waited too long between breakfast and the next snack. I've discovered that since the week of my pregnancy test, if I don't eat soon enough, I get very shaky. I'm going to have to find some quick and easy snacks I can chow between classes.

The way I'm feeling now, I should sleep well tonight. Hopefully that will make my early wake up tomorrow a little easier...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


FIL is hanging in there. He has to have heart surgery tomorrow but when I talked to III he sounded optimistic. I just made reservations to go out there this weekend.

There was a question as to the day I fly out- I could have gone Thurs pm but my u/s is Fri. I asked III what he preferred and he told me to come Fri and have the u/s.

Since my post, I haven't had anymore pink. I guess the morning will really tell, because usually when I have spotting it is most noticeable in the mornings.

Hoping I can fall asleep quickly and soundly to make tomorrow's wake up a little easier.

Now this?

As I'm sitting around waiting for III to call with news about his dad, I went to the bathroom...

...and there is a teeny bit of light pink spotting.

Still taking the endo.metrin, so I have the discharge from that. So it is this that is tinted a little pink. Trying not to freak out. I know that spotting is totally normal, that the endo.metrin discharge might be making it seem like there is more than there is, and that the little I have might not even qualify as "spotting". The fact that I'm shoving a plastic applicator up there with a hard progesterone pill in it three times a day could also be contributing.

Shitty shitty night. :-( Just trying to remember to breathe in and out right now...

My FIL is in the hospital.

I just dropped III off at the airport.

We don't know the prognosis. I don't yet know if I'll be following III out there tomorrow or not.

I can't even talk about it. :( Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I don't think we can stand to lose him.