Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loooong day.

Today was long but went quickly. Does that even make sense?

I didn't get as much done at school as I would have liked, but I spend a good part of it in an anxiety attack. I got a text from III late morning, but then couldn't get a hold of him. Not knowing what is going on is a huge anxiety trigger for me. I tried to do some breathing exercises, but it was hard because there was so much going on around me. So I just tried to focus on work and keep in mind that if something really bad had happened (like if FIL had died) I definitely would have heard.

III finally called me back and all is well. Well, as well as one can hope for with a failing heart. They are optimistic that he will be out of ICU today and into a cardiac unit. It's hard to be here waiting for info while they are all there and I look forward to being out there with III and his parents this weekend.

I spent the summer, and especially the last couple of weeks, just eating when I was hungry. Also, I wasn't very active. I'm going to have to figure out the eating thing when I'm working, because already today I waited too long between breakfast and the next snack. I've discovered that since the week of my pregnancy test, if I don't eat soon enough, I get very shaky. I'm going to have to find some quick and easy snacks I can chow between classes.

The way I'm feeling now, I should sleep well tonight. Hopefully that will make my early wake up tomorrow a little easier...

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