Friday, September 11, 2009


I am exhausted and do not feel super. It's hard to make it through a full day of teaching without starting to feel crappy by the end of it. I think I've been pretty good about eating and staying hydrated throughout the day, but by about 1pm I'm pooped and often nauseous.

Today I woke up to a very little pink spotting again, exactly like Wednesday. Except, today there were 2 tiny clots. They weren't very big and there was no other bleeding so I did not call my dr. I know in general they say you should call if you have clots, but considering a) they were really small b) there was no other bleeding and c) I just had an u/s yesterday I decided to wait and see how things go. It's the weekend, so I can relax and if it happens again I'll definitely call.

Look how calm I'm being? Aren't you proud? I am. I'm working hard. The great u/s yesterday certainly helps. I'm sure that will only last so long, though. It's going to be a long 33 weeks!

I made my first pregnancy purchase on the recommendation of a friend. The book "The Girl.friend's to Preg.nancy". I'm only 30 pgs into it, but so far I like it. It's less of the medical and technical sides of things, and more advice from other women.

In other news, B-dog has a new and strange symptom. She has ulcerations on her tongue (one going all the way through) which are also causing some nasty rotting-smelling breath. (Really not great with my pregnancy nose...) I took her to the vet today and, as I had expected and hoped, they didn't do any biopsying or blood testing. It just doesn't make sense considering we know she has progressive cancer. The vet gave me antibiotics and an oral wash, which will hopefully take care of the stinky mouth and clear up any infection that might be causing or related to the sores. Luckily, other than that she is still feeling pretty good.

Finally, yay for C by the Sea! She just got a spectacular beta, and it's looking like there may be twins in her future! Woo hoo!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. :)


just me, dawn said...

congrats on your first purchase :) and for being so calm about the two tiny spots :)

michelle said...

I love the calm you! I have heard that book is a good one - my sister in law loved it when she was pregnant with my niece.