Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I woke up today a little less hungry and not very nauseous. Good, right? Except (you all understand) it makes me worry that there's something wrong. Of course, I am EXHAUSTED and the sore boobs are still around, so it's probably a useless worry.

I really just want to go home and take a nap. And now my stomach is rebelling in other ways and has me running to the bathroom. It appears it did not like the pretzels I ate an hour ago. Really? Pretzels???

I also am having another problem down below. I won't go into details, because I'm sure no one is interested in those sorts of details, but lets just say there's an irritation that gets more irritated every time I a) have to wipe after a potty break, b) have to insert that progesterone supplement and c) have to wear a pad to "catch" any mess from the progesterone supplement. So it is not healing and is very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough that I did not take my afternoon and evening progesterone last night in hopes of helping it along. Of course, that then contributes to my concern about my lack of nausea.

(Though typing that, I realize maybe that IS the reason for my lack of nausea, but not because of a dead fetus but because of the lower progesterone... I get to stop the supps all together in a little over a week, so it will be interesting to see what that does to my symptoms...)

I made my first OB appointment. It was a little tough to schedule, because my doc wants to see me at 8 weeks (which is Thursday! Eek!) even though I just had an u/s last week. So it has to be a noon appointment, which is not very convenient for a teacher. So I made it for Monday, and I'll take a half day- teach in the morning and get a sub for the afternoon. There's not really another option. I'm calling in sick on that Friday already for a family event, so I didn't want to be completely out on Monday too. I am not sure what they will do at this appt. I'm pretty sure they are not doing an u/s since I just had one. The secretary said it's about a half hour appt. I guess we'll see. I'm hoping I can get some clarification on my due date. According to the online calculator I used, with a retrieval date of 8/6 I should have a due date of 4/29. Dr. Z told me my due date is 5/1, but then he told me that I was 7w along last Thursday, which matches with a 4/29 due date. Notice I finally put the little widget up... I used the 4/29 due date so my week/day measurement would match what I've been told...

I'm not feeling like a very pleasant person right now. I feel like when I talk to people I'm just irritating them. I feel like III is irritated with me. In a total 180 from last year, I actually only feel like an interesting, productive, talented person when I'm teaching. I seem to have a good group this year and they seem to be enjoying class so far. But then, isn't that a dichotomy- I only feel (emotionally) good at work but I have a huge urge to stay home. Blah.

Aren't you glad you can just shut the browser after reading my blog today and not have to put up with me???? LOL


Katie said...

Yay for the widget! I'd suggest talking to the doc about your "irritation down there" if you haven't already! Glad to hear that things are moving along nicely. Thinking of you!

c by the sea said...

love the widget! sorry you are crabby :(
i am already nauseous and threw up yesterday, (probably since there are like 16 babies in there...) i tried Sea Bands and they seemed to help. they probably will not help the moodiness though, chocolate or ice cream might!

Jess said...

I love the widget...I can't wait to watch your baby grow! Yes c by the sea has the best idea...chocolate, ice cream or cupcakes (I added that) cures all!