Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It doesn't matter how much I eat.

Or how recently I've eaten.

I'm hungry all of the time!!!

Let me recap my day for you:

5:30am- full bowl of cereal with milk.
6:45am- banana
9:00am- snack size tupp.erware of sugar snap peas
11:00am- apple
11:45am- PBnJ sandwich
1:00pm- small size tupp.erware of pretzels
3:00pm- Sweet 'n' Salty almond bar

A coworker with whom I do not really socialize outside of school says to me out of the blue today "Are you pregnant?" I was like.... "Um... why???" He said "I saw something on your face.book." WTF? Turns out, my dad had asked on fb how III's dad was by asking "How's (name) Jr?" and this guy assumed, because the first name is the same as III, that's what it meant. I explained Jr was my FIL and he said "Then why did you get all defensive?" I said "Because we're doing fertility treatments." He as like "Oh." I hope he was embarrassed. What a question to ask like that!

I'm off to find another snack. I'm thinking dinner's about 2 hours away...


just me, dawn said...

The only thing that keep me full is protein, eggs, chicken, beek, turkey....any protein. everything else I feel hungry again in 2-3 hours.
how funny about the coworker...wait until he learns the news :)

Emily said...

Enjoy the appetite now, it could just disappear at any moment. Mine is just starting to come back now!