Saturday, September 12, 2009

I want a widget

I've been waiting for almost two years to be pregnant.

It's silly... but I want one of those widgets. You know, the one with the little growing fetus in it that counts up and down your pregnancy days.

But I'm scared. Superstitious. I figured I'd wait until we had a heartbeat and a due date. Now we have both. But I'm nervous to put one up... to tempt fate.

The stupidest part of that is that I don't believe in fate.

Here's one for the symptom watch: the smell of scrambled eggs makes me nauseous. Unfortunately, every morning, III eats scrambled eggs for breakfast. I can smell them all the way up in the bedroom. Ugh.


just me, dawn said...

get a widget :) i was scared too, and sad when I had to change it from twins to a singleton, but I love my floating bebe. i am watching it change from the little nubbin to a full fledged bebe and now it is getting chubbier. do it :)
I promised myself regardless of my outcome i would celebrate this miracle....i am trying!

Jess said...

Get a widget! :) I put up a widget with every one of my pregnancies and even though I lost my babies, I loved knowing how big they were before I lost them (I know, a little morbid). I'm not saying you are going to lose this baby! Get the widget and enjoy every moment of this pregnancy, please try to forget your are an infertile who is pregnant!

c by the sea said...

thanks for the shout out, i'm still in shock.

get a widget! i want to see your floating fetus in the corner :)