Thursday, September 10, 2009


I had the same u/s tech as before. She probably looked at me and was like "Oh shit." But it turned out well, because everything went well and I think she was happy to be able to give me good news.

Heartbeat was 121. I measured 7 weeks, though Dr. Z said I'm technically 7w1d. Whatever. Doesn't matter to me! Due date is May 1. There is a small clot on the yoke sac, which he said happens a lot and likely won't be a problem, but would explain the spotting I had today. He said just to keep an eye on it.

Which he won't be doing because he released me to my OB! I thought I'd have one more appt at the clinic... but I love my OBGYN, so I'll be happy to head to her office (though not as conveniently located) for my appointments.

III did meet me there and was excited to see the h/b and I think a little overwhelmed. We're having a freaking baby!!!!

Now for a 180 degree change of subject...

I had a very, very good male friend all through college and after college. I do not have any brothers, but he was as close as I ever came to having someone who was like a brother to me. There was never anything romantic between us and we always had a really supportive and fun friendship. He welcomed new friends into the fold (like KB and my cousin AL) like they were old friends and was one of very few college friends whom I invited to my wedding.

When he met his wife, I really liked her and she and I became friends as well, even separate from him. Long story short, I think she was very jealous when I got engaged. She was one of those girls who really wanted to get married, so she started to get impatient after she'd been with my friend for 2 years and he hadn't proposed (they got engaged about 2.5 years into their relationship). III proposed after we'd only been together for 6 months. From that point on, she stopped calling me and started being pretty patronizing and snotty when we were all together. Shortly after that, her husband stopped returning calls as well. I sent him an email and told him that I was hurt he didn't return my calls or emails anymore, nor did he initiate contact. I asked him to let me know if he was upset with me about something. He called and left me a voice mail saying that of course he's not mad at me! That that was ridiculous and I should call him. I called him back, left him a message, and he never returned my call.

When his wife was 5 mo pregnant (now over 2 years ago) they came to my house with KB and her husband for dinner. His wife was unbearable. III said it's the only time in his life he felt uncomfortable in his own house. KB and her husband were also perplexed- was it pregnancy hormones or was something else going on?

That was the last time I talked to either my friend or his wife. I stopped trying, and neither of them made any effort to continue a friendship with me. KB and the wife stayed in contact for a little while- had a play date or two with their kids, and KB is friends with her.

I just got a friend request on from him.

I don't know what to do. Two years later I am still hurt and angry that he could write off our friendship so easily. As curious as I am to see what he has been up to, I am more inclined to deny the request. If he wants to be friends and reach out to me, isn't going to be enough. It's his turn to make some effort.

Am I being petty and immature? Maybe I don't care. I want to make him feel bad for being such a shitty friend. I know it can be hard if his wife decided she had a problem with me, but I'm still hurt and upset and not willing to be the "bigger person".


just me, dawn said...

OH MY!!! yayayay! so happy to hear about the beautiful heartbeat and that III was there. congrats on your graduation!

About your "friend", I would probably take the opportunity to call him and address the situation one more time, I would not "friend" him without a conversation....and maybe not after that. weird how things like that happen.

Anonymous said...

Yay, yay, yay for a heartbeat!!!


AJ48 said...

Congrats on seeing the heartbeat!!! I am happy things are working out well!! :)

c by the sea said...

YAY! So happy all is well with the baby. Congrats!

Jess said... happy to hear you have a heart beat and a healthy baby that is going to be born in May (or April if he or she comes early-not too early though)!

As for your friend, I would not add him as a friend. You might e-mail him and ask him why he blew you off for two years and if you are pleased with his response then you MIGHT consider adding him. I have a friend who did the same thing to me and then out of the blue wanted to be my facebook friend. I wouldn't let her because I didn't feel like she was really a friend and I have a huge pet peeve with people just having FB friends so they can know what your up to without putting an effort to be a true friend.

Katie said...

OMG, so excited for you to hear the heartbeat! You must be on cloud nine! I can't believe you are already 7 weeks! Time is flying by..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great u/s!!!