Thursday, June 25, 2009

A waste of a blood test.

I have to go in for my blood test today, but I'm pretty sure the sporadic bleeding I've been having just turned into an official period. However, even with bleeding after an IVF cycle, my clinic requires a blood test. So in about an hour I'm going to head out to have a needle stuck in my arm for basically no reason.

I had planned to sleep for another hour- my first official day of summer vacation! (Not that you'd know, looking at the sky outside.) But here I am, up and out of bed. I'll definitely need a nap later.

2 pieces of good news:
  1. I think B-dogs nodes may have gone down a little... I'm not 100% sure- it may be wishful thinking. But, especially the left one seems smaller.
  2. A negative blood test means a bottle of wine. I'd much rather have a baby, but at least I get a (pathetic) consolation prize. I need it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ugh...I am so sorry.

I am glad to hear about b-dog.