Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm awake...

...and super crampy. Ick. They gave me tyl.enol 3 but I only took one because I don't want to be too groggy.

Everything went well. Lots of sitting around and waiting. The piercing situation was fine- I took all out except the two newest, and I had teeny little plastic retainers in them. They had me wear a surgical cap anyway, and that pretty much covered most of my ears. They all went back in pretty well, but I'm still working on getting the little balls screwed on the ends. What a pain!

As I said, they got 17 eggs. Excellent. They said they'd call tomorrow and let me know how many fertilized. They would like to do the transfer on Saturday, which is nice because I don't have to rearrange anything. Saturday is pretty open. :)

III's been great today, staying home from work and taking care of me. B-dog always knows when I don't feel well and wants to be sitting with me all the time.

I'm very bummed that I'm house bound for the rest of the day. My all time favorite class is graduating from high school tonight. I had planned to go to the ceremony, but clearly I'm not going to make it now. I would have loved to see my former students and watched them graduate. :( Just bad timing I guess.

Thanks for all the good thoughts. :) I'll update when I know how many eggs fertilized. :)


c by the sea said...

YAY!! I'm so glad everything went smoothly. it is looking like my transfer may be on saturday as well, i'll know for sure in the morning.

how many embryos are you transferring?

michelle said...

I am glad today went well - 17 sounds like a great number to be starting with! Good luck and I will be back to read the update tomorrow!

Caroline said...

That is a wonderful result! Well done. Hugs