Thursday, June 11, 2009

No embryo update yet...

...but I do have some other stuff to comment on.

When I got to school today, the social studies teacher (who I'm friends with) told me that SS was really pumping her for information yesterday about why I was out- to the point where she was uncomfortable. She told her "I don't know where she is" (which was not true) "and it's none of my business." SS apparently didn't take the hint...

This morning, she came right in to ask me about where I was and how things went. I shared, even though I was slightly irritated at how intrusive I felt she was being.

Well, shame on me for being cynical. Not fifteen minutes later, SS came in with a present for me- a cute little card that said "believe" on the front and wished me luck in this cycle, and a jade good luck charm that she had gotten from the secretary in our office the month that her IUI worked. She must have been waiting for this point in my cycle to give it to me. Sweet, right?

As I mentioned yesterday in my post, I missed the high school graduation. I'm very bummed about it. The group that graduated was my favorite class I've had in the last eleven years.

I started thinking about when I had them four years ago. My life was so different. I was living in my condo- my favorite place I ever lived, the first place I lived alone, the place I owned and that was mine. I was getting over that stupid mistake relationship and had recently found out I had HSV. My personal life was kind of in shambles, but I loved going to work.(Which is basically the polar opposite of where I am this year.) I felt like I was giving a lot to my students, and I also got a lot from them. They were sweet and wanted to please. They were a class that came such a long way from September to June. I had a really close relationship with one student in particular (who happened, randomly, to be related to R) and she wrote me the sweetest letter at the end of the school year and then cried on the last day of school because she was leaving me. It's the year I got B-dog, and she actually came to school with me on the last day of school because we were spending the day at a park with the kids. I never would have imagined where I'd be now- the good or the bad.

I wish I could have been there to see them all again and celebrate with them and their families. :( I'm glad our cycle is well underway, and glad the retrieval was so successful, it just sucks that the timing turned out the way it did.


Jess said...

That was really sweet of her to give you a card and the jade piece.

I'm sorry you missed the graduation!

It is crazy to look back in time and think of what your life was like. I was 22 when we got married (such a baby) and sometimes I feel IF aged me 10 years (not physically but emotionally).

Still praying for you...

michelle said...

The HSV the infertility - man I hope we have more of the fun stuff in common too!