Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A vent and a smile.

I don't know why this upset me so much. It's the second time it's happened (the first time with our post man) and it upset me the first time too.

When we get deliveries, if they ring the doorbell, the dogs bark. My dogs want everyone to be their friends, so they run to greet the guest.

I understand that delivery people and postal workers have to be wary of dogs, especially big dogs. I understand that many of them have been bitten by dogs who's owners tell them "Oh, don't worry. They are friendly."

But that doesn't mean they have to be rude. Yesterday, I had a delivery from UPS. Anticipating hyper, barking dogs when he rang the bell, I went to the door before he got to our porch. I had the door open only a little and B was poking her nose in the little space she could find.

M-dog tried to get through too, but I grabbed his collar and he didn't even get past the doorframe. The delivery man started, and as a reflex to his discomfort I used the phrase he probably hates "He's friendly."

He gave me a dirty look and said "Well, he's friendly to YOU. They don't bite you."

I wish I had thought to say, "Actually, my dog has never bitten anyone." Instead, I said "I understand you probably hear that a lot, which is why I did grab him." He must have realized at that point he was being kind of a dick because he smiled and said "You did."

But I was upset. To the point I got kind of teary after the fact. (Hormonal much?) I know that he probably hears people say "Oh, he's friendly," or "He won't bite," only to find a dog who feels the need to protect his home. BUT- this is the same delivery person we often have and I've never let my dogs get free and have always restrained them when he comes to our house. I feel like it was completely unacceptable for him to be rude. And I know it wasn't just me being sensitive because III was standing right there when it happened and after the guy left he was pissed and said "That guy gave you that dirty look and I wanted to say something to him."

It probably shouldn't bother me as much as it does- but it does. I don't know if it's that I don't like that people are afraid of my lovey dogs, or if I'm upset that they are implying I'm an irresponsible and/or clueless dog owner.

I have more deliveries coming, and I want to tell him when he comes again "Lets make a deal- I won't open the door when you come if you don't ring the bell if you don't need a signature. That way you don't have to deal with my dogs and I don't have to deal with your rudeness." III would prefer I don't, however, since it could result in retaliatory package loss or damage in the future.

Anyway. On a more positive note...

III was telling me about an interview he did yesterday. The man he interviewed was a widower who was in the starting stages of memory loss. III told me "I know this is selfish, but I hope I die first. If you die before me, I just don't think I could handle it." Maybe morbid- but I thought that was sweet. He doesn't often express out loud how he feels about me (aside from the standard daily "I love you"s). The depth of that message- that he dreads the thought of outliving me and being without me- made me feel good. (Even though I also dread the thought of him dying before me...)


just me, dawn said...

awww III is a big mushball :)
and what a freak of a delivery guy...he needs some meds or something.

c by the sea said...

my u/s is on thursday.

i hope you are growing lots of good follies!