Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good morning.

I plan to write a more detailed account of my morning, but I'm sleepy and could use a nap. But I know some of my awesome blogging buddies are waiting for an update after my disastrous Thursday and my redeeming Friday. :)

Things went well this morning. They transferred 2 embryos- an 8-3 and a 9-3.

I know that the first number means how many cells it has divided into so far. I know they grade it based on fragmentation, but I actually think the 3 means "day 3". There were 3 other embryos, but they were not high enough quality to freeze (one was a 6, one was a 7, and I don't know what the third was... but, again, I don't know about the fragmentation).

The transfer itself went really easily and I got to watch it on the screen. The doctor was super pleased, and said the the whole process went exactly as he wants a transfer to go.

When I post more later, I'll share the "How to stay sane" while waiting for your beta sheet they gave me- it was awesome. LOL


Jess said...

LOL, I was out the door for work and then I thought...I should check my blog, lol, I know I'm such a loser! I'm so excited and hopeful for you...two little embryos, how wonderful! Stick little babies, stick! Make yourself at home in your mommy's tummy, she has been saving room for you for a long time!

You'll be in my prayers, like always!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! They look beautiful and I hope they are snuggling in. I would love to hear about the how to sheet.

Caroline said...

Those embryos look wonderful.I am keeping my fingers crossed for a bfp.

AJ48 said...

Oh goodie! I am glad to hear that 2 survived...and the transfer went really well. I am sending you some positive sticky vibes!!!!

Good Luck Sweetie!

michelle said...

Fingers crossed for some sticky healthy embryos! Positive vibes that all goes well!

c by the sea said...

those babies are gorgeous! i am so thrilled everything went well with the transfer. it's pretty f*cking cool watching it on the screen, isn't it?!?

here we go...waiting together, maybe we can keep each other sane?

lots of juju

kirke said...

I'd love to know how to stay sane while waiting for your beta :)

I hope your little ones are settling in for a long stay!!