Friday, June 12, 2009

Good news and bad news.

I got a call today- of the seventeen eggs we started with, fourteen of them survived to try the IC.SI- and five of those fertilized.

We don't yet know the grade or whether they will divide at all- but five is much better than the zero we had yesterday.

I am scheduled for a transfer on Sunday. It is not until then that we will know the grades of any of the embryos.

Right now, I'm still not feeling great from the retrieval. I'm feeling very bloated and gassy. I don't know at what point I should be concerned. Or if I should at all. I don't have any of the other symptoms they tell you to look out for with OH.SS... But I'm a worrier so...

Speaking of worrying- the bad news. B-dog's lymph nodes are definitely enlarged. They aren't huge but they are noticeably bigger and harder. I made an appointment for her to see the vet, but couldn't get one with the vet I wanted to see until Wednesday. She is feeling good, acting normal... so it's probably not an emergency. But I wish I could find out for sure before then. While it is not 100% definite, it is likely that her remission is over. I really wanted her healthy through the summer. If the lymphoma is back, I don't know for how long she will feel well. I wish I could keep her well forever... but I know it's inevitable. :(


just me, dawn said...

Sorry to hear about B-dog.

I was just diagnosed today with moderate OHSS, and it is pretty darn uncomfortable. I can not sit in an upright position, I can not sleep on my side, I can not touch my stomach/abdomen without wincing, and when i breathe deep there is lots of pressure on my diaphragm....and that is moderate, so hoping that you are just feeling the effects of the extra estrogen. or that you only develop a mild case. If you are worried, I recommend calling, they may want to get you in on saturday to check you out before your transfer on sunday. ((hugs))

c by the sea said...

i felt worse the second day after the retrieval than i did the day after. by the third day i felt better and by the fourth day (today) i felt back to normal. i hope you feel better soon. get lots of rest and drink lots of gatorade and eat protein. that seemed to help me.

i am so relieved that they were able to rescue icsi some of your eggs. i am hoping and praying for your 5 little embies. i am sending lots and lots of good ju ju that they are strong and healthy.

michelle said...

5 little embroys! 5 seems like such a good number to me, more than a couple or a few but several. I like several. Fingers crossed and prayers being prayed both for you and also for Bdog! I hope the remission is not over. I so do hate it when our pups are sick.

Jess said...

I must have missed the post or the paragraph that said you were going to go ahead with the ICSI. I'm sorry if my last post was a little off because I didn't know you were going to go ahead with it. 5 is a great number sweetie...I'm going to pray for those 5 and Bdog! Hugs!

AJ48 said...

5 is a great number! You have to look at the positive here right!?! :) Hang in there..I am praying for you that this works out. Do you know how many you are going to put back?

I am sorry about your dog :( and I hope those embies hang in there and grow big and strong! Just keep in mind you still have a pretty good chance!