Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Toooo early!

I'm on my way out, way too early in the morning, for a week's vacation. I probably won't be able to update until we get home, so I wanted to get a few things in before we leave.
(Clearly, I'm all about the lists lately.)
  • B-dog's appt: I was irritated because I specifically made the appt for yesterday because the vet isn't in on Mondays, and then she didn't really need to see the vet. Dumb. They took blood and said her lymph nodes are down a small amt, but not much. Then said they would call me with the bloodwork, but haven't yet. Great. So they'll call today when I'm 1500 miles away and can't do anything about it until Wednesday.
  • My appt: I cried. I'm such a baby. There wasn't really any new info. I stimmed well. I got seventeen eggs. None of them fertilized. She did say that once they did fertilize there is NOT a smaller chance of pregnancy after transfer. I asked the success rates post transfer, and she said it's 40% for my age range. They will do ICSI from now on and stim me a little slower so they don't have to back off the way they did (apparently you can lose some of the smaller follicles that way). The best news? I don't have to take a month off. I started b/c last night, will start lu.pron on the 13th and will probably have my ER around the last week of July. It means my parents might be here then, so we'll have to deal with that, but whatever.
  • Nervous to leave B-dog. I'm generally nervous leaving, but esp this time. One of my former students is house sitting and staying with the pups. She is the one who was here in Feb. when we went on vacation and B got sick, so I know she can and will deal with whatever arises. I'm just nervous that we have limited time left and I may be gone for her last feel-good week. I feel like I'm abandoning her. :(
  • Hugs to Reya who lost her own sweet pup yesterday.
I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great vacation and I will be keeping it all crossed for b dog. I am glad you will be able to cycle again soon.

Caroline said...

It sounds like we had very similar IVF experiences. My first time around I stimmed too quickly and none of the eggs fertilized. Thankfully, second time around worked. I hope that you have a wonderful vacation and can enjoy a bit of a break before your next cycle.

Jess said...

Have a great trip! Happy 4th of July!

AJ48 said...

Wow! Glad to hear that your jumping right into your next cycle! I pray for you that this time will work...although now they really know what to do - so I have very high hopes for you!! I always wondered why they dont do the IC.SI in the first seems like I hear a lot of stories about none of the eggs getting fertilized. But know they know right! :) Good Luck!!!

AJ48 said...

I meant to say "now they know!" hehe

michelle said...

Have a great 4th and try to relax a bit. Focus on the good news that you don't have to take a month off and that B-dog's nodes are down even if only a bit.

p.s I know that is lame advice that probably makes you want to slug me...sorry :-( maybe I should have just said, "I'm thinking about you...."

"I'm thinking about you!"

Becky said...

Enjoy your trip. You'll have to read my blog from July 1st, it's about one of my boxers!

c by the sea said...

hope you are having a good trip! i'm so happy for you that you don't have to take a month off! now that they know to ICSI those eggs from the beginning, i'm sure more will fertilize. i hope this is your month :)