Sunday, July 12, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Even though every day should feel like a weekend to me, I'm enjoying my weekend. III is home, and for some reason he is uncharacteristically lazy this weekend. I love it. He even decided he did not want to go out to breakfast this morning, opting to sit around in our PJs and play video games (well, he played... I did the crossword). I'm glad he is not perpetually lazy, but it's nice to see him like that once in a while.

I talked to SS yesterday. All is well (well, as well as it can be with a preemie) and she herself is healing. She'll be in the hospital for a while still because she was pretty sick, and baby S will likely be there until her due date.

I think I did a pretty good job of being interested and supportive. I could tell she is feeling overwhelmed- at one point she said "I can't believe I have a baby"- and I didn't feel like I could be much help in sympathizing and making suggestions. She also told me baby S was waiting for visitors. I'm not sure that is something I can do... I love babies and love seeing friends' babies... but I'm not sure I can travel to a NICU full of babies. I'm gonna have to play that one by ear.

On to other news:

B-dogs lymph nodes are almost completely back to normal for now. The new protocol seems to have really helped, and so now we just wait and see for how long. Part of the new protocol includes pred.nisone, which makes her thirsty. The increase in water drinking and the resulting increase in peeing makes me a little nervous, since those were her initial symptoms before her diagnosis... but the vet told me that is a very, very common side effect of the pred.nisone, so I'm just trying to remind myself of that.

I just went online to seph.ora and bought some tinted moisturizer. Until the last two years or so I was never a big make up person. I have definitely expanded my repertoire, even wearing bare escen.tials base and daily eyeliner. Whoo! With summer here, and considering I don't go out for full days very often, I wanted an in between option. I did a little research on tinted moisturizer, and realized I had a sample from a previous seph.ora order! I tried it yesterday and couldn't tell if there was a difference. So today I put it on only half of my face. There was a definite subtle difference- much more even but not obviously made up. Love it. So I bought it, along with a few other little things.

I'm working on a sweater that I'm kind of making up as I go along. (Still waiting for the yarn I ordered for baby S's gift.) I bought a pattern, but it was more complicated than I wanted to try, so I'm using it as a base and paring back. I already started and unraveled twice, but I think I've now got what I will continue to completion. Fingers crossed. It's one of about four projects I've got going at the same time. LOL

On the ttc front, I got a call this week that my insurance approved our next IVF cycle with IC.SI. Yay! I start lup.ron on Monday and am supposed to stop my bcp on the 19th. I think, though, I'm going to do a little self prescribing and stop on the 18th. For the ten years I was on the pill, I know that it takes my body four days to register the drop in hormones and start my period. Last cycle, that's the same thing that happened. If I don't get my period by the 23rd, they will want to bring me in for blood work before we can start injectables. So I'm going to stop my pill a day before they have instructed me to so that I will definitely had my period by the 23rd. It seems stupid to have to go in for blood work when I know my body and I know that it will take one more day than they estimate to get my period.

If this cycle goes the way the last did, that will start me on injectables on the 23rd, with an egg retrieval around the 5th and a transfer on the 7th. That would work out well for me because my parents are visiting 7/27-8/3, so while I'll have some bw and u/s appts while they're here, the big stuff won't be until a little later... it could end up near the end of their visit, though, because I know they are planning on changing my levels slightly in the beginning.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. :)


Jess said...

Okay, I'm so happy but so jealous that your insurance is paying for your IVF!! You guys deserve it, so I'm more happy than jealous!

michelle said...

I have always thought a light foundation and some subtle mascara or eyeliner were my best friends!

Glad to hear about the insurance that must be a huge relief.

Anonymous said...

So glad that b-dogs lymph nodes have gone down.

I am so happy to hear that your insurance is covering your next IVF, I will be here to cheer you on.