Monday, July 13, 2009

Couch potato

I used to be a pretty active person. My college boyfriend and I went hiking and biking. I rollerbladed everywhere in college.

I had lots of plans for this summer. I wanted to do some knitting projects. (Check!) I wanted to work on a refresher hs math class. (Check!) I wanted to get a new computer and transfer my files. (in progress) I wanted to start a workout routine. (......*crickets*......) The parts of my plan that I can do sitting on my couch.... going very well. But how the heck did I get so lazy? I have no excuse to not work out. I haven't been to one yoga class. I haven't walked the dogs. I'm very comfortable in sweats, as long as I'm wearing them while sitting on my ass.

The last few days have been gorgeous, but I can't even convince myself to go outside and lay out in the sun. It's like there is a magnet in my ass and it's attracted to the couch cushions.

III works 'til 8 tonight so I should definitely be able to get a work out in during that time. For now, I am liking my couch spot. I think I'll knit a bit, watch some more of my math dvd... and then go from there.

Unfortunately, I'm never going to lose those ten pounds with that plan.

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