Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, it's happened.

I got an email this morning from my old roommate. (You know- the domestic goddess one.)

She has stumbled upon my blog by accident.

I work to stay pretty anon. Literally no one IRL knows I have a blog like this. But I do write stuff about my life, and if someone who actually knows me in real life finds my blog, and is interested enough in it to keep reading... well, I guess it's probably not that hard to figure out that it's me. I write about work, my husband, my dogs. I talk about some of the same stuff I talk about on my status (like that poor birdie!).

Her email was very nice and even offered to not read it if I was uncomfortable with it. But you know what? I'm the one who has put all of this out there. I've done that knowing there is a chance that it could be discovered.

And, honestly, in terms of who could discover my blog, she is probably the best case scenario. (And I'm not just saying that because you're probably reading. ;-) ) We lived together for four years, so with the exception of III, she probably knows the most about any of my bad qualities. (Well, and the good, but who can complain about that?)

I have posted some things in here that I don't generally share with friends. And, as you all know, especially recently, the ugly parts of me come out in this blog too.

But all of you who don't know me have always taken it so well and been so understanding, that I know that K is the type of person who will take it all with a grain of salt as well. She is definitely a "benefit of the doubt" type person.

But now to the more concerning point- if she found me, who else could? I really have put myself out there in the blog world. I am on blog.her and also joined ICLW this month. I comment on lots of your blogs and I know I'm on a number of blog rolls.

What do you do? How anon do you hope to be? Do you write things you don't want your IRL friends to know about you? How would you feel if you were stumbled upon? Would it change how you use your blog?


c by the sea said...

hmmm...i also keep anonymous as much as possible and NO ONE know i blog at all. i haven't even told mr., not because i want to keep it a big secret from him so much as if i knew he was potentially reading, i would censor myself. and for me, i like venting and spewing and not thinking twice about what i write. i also share things i would never say outloud or share with anyone IRL. i pretty much figure the only people who might stumble upon it are looking for IF info or blogs? am i wrong in thinking that? i think if someone i knew asked if i was c by the sea i would be shocked and probably ask them not read, or i would totally deny it and pretend i had no idea what they were talking about. hmmm....interesting dilemma.

Jess said...

I don't think you can be anon unless you make your blogs private. I don't write anything that I wouldn't want somoene IRL to read about. I'm very open up being infertile, and I don't mind. I did delete some things I wrote about my brother's gf becuase I was worried that B would find it and be upset with my brother for sharing things with me. My mother in law, bestfriends and husband read my blogs on a daily basis, and I don't mind because I know they love the bad parts of me as well as the good parts of me and I think they have a better understanding of what I'm going through.

I do worry from time to time that my cousins (I have 3 cousins who are sisters) will find my blog. Only because of them, have I thought of making my blog completely private. I don't like them at all and think they are evil and I know they would use things I have written about against me, but I try to not worry about it and keep blogging openly! :)

You are pretty discreet except that you talk about your job, so someone has to REALLY know you to know this is your blog.

michelle said...

I have struggled with this a lot with blogs I have had - I just recently started a different blog under a pen name (which I am starting to like better than my real name!).

I just found that I am always NOT writing something because I worry about who IRL might read it. I will be sharing my new blog with other bloggers so if you are interested just let me know.

I think it is a personal decision about how much to share - especially about a journey as personal as TTC or (in my case TTC and depression).

Katie said...

I've been torn on this issue. When I started blogging, I told a few family members and 2 close friends (and dh). Sometimes I wish I had kept it anonymous so I could be more brutally honest (I don't want to lose any friends!). some ways I am glad that those people who are near and dear to me can see my struggle without me having to talk about it incessantly. I have found a lot of support through this.

Caragh said...

I just PRAY to god that no one IRL finds my blog.
I know that sounds SO nieve but its true.

I mean, I've posted pictures.. and names of people...
But I still think it would be hard for someone to find me unless they were really looking.

Although if you google my blog title...
"this could be anyones story" I am the first link..
Heres hoping that no one I know IRL is interested in knowing other peoples stories