Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee.

My tongue loves coffee. So does my nose. My brain likes it too; needs it, especially if it's anytime before 9am.

My bowels, on the other hand... not so much.

I've been having issues all day after one cup of iced coffee. But it was so good. (And local! As in, from an independent, local coffee shop, which I love to support.) And it actually helped me to get my ass downstairs to work out, finally.

Of course, once I was down there, with the dogs, the negative effects kicked in. Ugh. Hate that. Unfortunately, the cleaners were here at that time, and so while we have three bathrooms, and they belong to us, and we pay for the toilet paper and the cleaning of them... I just couldn't come up and poop in one. Bad enough to do it when there are people in the house. Worse when they are people I don't know all that well.* Unfathomable when they have just cleaned (or worse, are about to clean) said toilet.

So I waited. I'm sure that didn't help my situation.

We're going to the theater tonight.** I'm hoping that I'm feeling better by that point, or I may have to take something to ensure that I don't have to run up the aisle and exit in the middle of "La Boh.eme".

*Hmm. Doesn't it seem odd that I describe the cleaners this way, yet they are one of very few who have a key to my house.... bourgeois irony.
**I am still in shock that III has agreed to accompany me to a musical. I'm in fear that he'll hate it and I'll never convince him to go again, even though there are probably better matches for his taste than this one.


Katie said...

I love it! One year, my SIL gave up coffee for Lent (crazy, I know), and on Easter morning spent the whole time in the bathroom! I swear it keeps me regular..but it sucks when it's TOO much on the bowels! Have fun tonight..I'm still working on getting dh to anything other that a MOVIE theater.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time tonight.

michelle said...

I love my one single cup of coffee every morning. I think it is better than fiber (LOL). Some mornings I can sip it throughout the morning and other days when I am OH SO TIRED I just pour it down!