Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My thoughts on ICLW.

So my first foray into ICLW has ended.

I tried to be diligent about my commenting, though sometimes I lost count. There may be some days I only made 4 or 5 comments, but there were definitely others where I made 7-10. I'm not sure if I met the "respond to one" each day either... I tried, but I'm not sure how successful I was.

I joined ICLW, in part, in hopes that I would discover new blogs I was interested in reading regularly, as well as hoping some new readers would discover mine.

I think I met my first goal... maybe two or three new blogs to follow. I'm not sure about the second. The comments I got tended to be a one time thing... there were not many repeaters.

The hardest thing about ICLW for me was that it seemed, at least for the blogs I tended to check more often, that people didn't update their blogs. It's hard to comment if there isn't anything new. I wonder if that should be part of the requirements of joining ICLW. 5 new comments, 1 reply, and at least... say 3 posts during the week.

So there's my two cents on the experience. I don't think I'll be a monthly participant, but I'm sure I'll be back. :) It was nice to "meet" all the bloggers who visited from ICLW. Thanks for all of your supportive comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading. :)


just me, dawn said...

I think that is a great thought....I have not done ICLW for the past two months, for many reasons, but i am not posting as often....and I agree, it is hard to comment if it is not up to date :)
I will do it again sometime....but every month is too much.

hannity grace said...

I am sorry that you didn't have much blog "love" at ICLW! I l checked out some blogs from here and came across some really great blogs I have added to my reader. I have gotten to know a few of the bloggers pretty well. I looked under the topic "personal journals" but there are other topics too.

Caragh said...

I found your blog through ICLW.
I decided to follow you because I really thought I could relate to you in a few ways. We don't have IF or TTC in common but reading some of your posts really hit a nerve with me.

Your right there are a lot of people on ICLW who sign up and then don't really post.. and its hard to post a comment on stuff thats from a while back..