Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...jiggedy jog.

Home. Phew.

Working on a more detailed post- it was not the best week. But we got up early and weren't very rested to start with, so it probably won't get finished until tomorrow.

Things seem to have gone okay back here. B-dog's nodes are still enlarged, but she's still feeling good. She's going to the vet tomorrow and we're going to try a different protocol.

III is not excited to get back to work, but is starting off his first day back with an arrest, which he always enjoys, so hopefully it will start things off on a positive note.

It's raining again. Ho hum.

It hasn't totally sunk in that I have another ten weeks or so of vacation. I feel like I'm going to have to be headed back to work myself. But instead I get a break. My plan is to take a correspondence course, catch up with reading the books I've been meaning to get to, do some knitting, and get into a workout routine. (Have I told all of you this already? I don't remember... sorry if I'm repetitive.) III wrote me up 4 routines to use when I work out. KB also got new inline skates, so we are going to try to schedule a regular time to go skating.

So more tomorrow. I'm working on catching up on all of your blogs. :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I am glad Bdog is feeling okay - I hope the new protocol is good for her.

Jess said...

Welcome home! I'm happy to hear your baby girl is still doing okay! I hpe the new protocol works better for her!

Enjoy your time off...you earned it girl!


michelle said...

Welcome home I am glad B managed OK while you were gone and that he seems to be holding his own. Good luck at the vet tomorrow.