Friday, July 17, 2009

They say opposites attract...

Theater night last night was a mixed bag.

I love going to see musicals. Especially ones that I love. (Is that redundant? LOL) I don't know why Re.nt resonates with me, but it does. I cried when An.gel died, just like I always do. I sobbed when Col.lins sang the reprise of I'll Co.ver You. Last night, I realized that Col.lins and An.gel are my favorite couple in the show. Not only that, but they are the most functional couple in the show. And I love that. I feel like it really shows that love is about love. Not about gender.

I loved seeing it again. I loved much of the cast. It's fun, having seen it a few times, to see the differences that directors and choreographers choose.

III did not enjoy the show. It wasn't just what the show was about- it was the musical aspect of it. Music just does not touch him the way it touches me. It's hard for me to fathom- how can those powerful ensemble pieces not make your heart swell? But I guess it just doesn't for everyone.

I felt guilty that he had to sit through two and a half hours of something in which he had no interest. (On top of that, it was a tactical day, so he was exhausted. And he's tall, so he felt crammed into those little theater seats.) I know I shouldn't feel guilty. I was going to go by myself and he requested to go with me. But I still felt bad. And I'm sad because I likely will not be able to convince him to try another musical anytime in the near future. I realized last night that the Li.on would probably have been a great musical for his first. The costumes are supposed to be phenomenal, and it's Dis.ney. His family loves Dis.ney. I'm not sure he's going to be game for another two to three hours at a production that he may not enjoy.

Not that I should be surprised. I loved the darkness and the intricacies of the movie Pi.eces of He loves to watch the first scene of The Run.down, because he loves to watch The beat up all those football players.

It would just be nice if he could share in something that I enjoy so much. But I certainly appreciate his effort.


Katie said...

I'm a big fan of musicals, too! If you haven't, you MUST SEE Wicked. It is my all-time favorite now. Loved it!

michelle said...

Other than My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music and a very few others I have a hard time with musicals too.

I remember once I guy I dated got us tickets to The Phantom of the Opera and I was so uncomfortable and distracted the whole time. We were able to laugh about it later because he admitted to disliking it and only doing it because he thought I would like it!

I am so glad I am not dating anymore :-)

Jules said...

Actually have yet to see Rent, but have the soundtrack, and yeah, "I'll cover you" is a great one.