Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on my blog list.

I got a little off track on my post yesterday and didn't completely finish my thought. The reason my reorganization is selfish is because, by separating the pregnant from the wanna-bes, I can choose what I want to read. More and more I'm having days where I'm not sure I can read about pregnancy symptoms and baby shopping. No disrespect to the pregnant mamas- I'm sure when I get there I'll be doing the same thing. I'm just not sure I can take it right now... at least not on a daily basis.

Of course, I still get caught. I joined ICLW for this month. I went through the list and bookmarked a couple of new blogs I thought I might enjoy reading. One of them that I just bookmarked 3 days ago... BFP today. Yep.

I talked to KB today- she's having spotting, which is not something she's ever had before. And she's at a point in her cycle where it could be implantation spotting. So she might be pregnant. She's feeling very impatient. She got pregnant with M on the first try. This is her second month trying this time around and she used O.PKs. She has to drink a lot of water, though, for her kid.ney stones so her urine is too dilute for the O.PKs to work well. So she said if she's not pregnant this month she may go to her doctor for a test on ovulation. Really? Two months? She said "I know two months isn't that long" and I know it's frustrating month to month... but look at the numbers. With a ~20% chance per month of getting pregnant, and then getting pregnant the first month on the first try, what are the chances of it happening again?

I'm just not going to be very good at being very supportive anytime soon.


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Anonymous said...

I have felt the same way on many, many occasions.

My sister got pregnant her first time trying and I remember being so pissed when she got pregnant for the second time after trying for three months (which she complained about being too long). ((HUGS))

just me, dawn said...

totally understandable! i did the same a few months ago :)
Sending you a BIG hug!