Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I may be becoming a domestic goddess.

When single, I could make pasta with sauce out of a jar, chili, and broiled chicken.

Tonight, I made pizza from scratch- EVEN THE CRUST!!!

Not just that, but my old roommate (who really is a domestic goddess) gave me a recipe for pizza crust. When I went to make it today, I only had one cup of white flour- so I used a lesser amount of wheat flour (because the last time I used the wheat flour it was just too dense). I also added a little more oil. And it turned out well! I "doctored" the recipe AND IT WORKED.


Of course, the pile of bills and bank statements on top of the file cabinet in my office (a file cabinet with working drawers and folders inside of it) may need to be remedied before I can be given the title of "domestic goddess".

Maybe pizza bitch. Yeah. I like that. :)

(I really wanted to write about the inauguration today, but I have no words. I watched it in a room full of squirrely eighth graders and alternated between shushing them and trying to hold back tears. I hope for great things from Obama. I'm trying to be optimistic without being naive...)

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