Thursday, January 15, 2009


While waiting for B-dog to be released from the vet hospital yesterday (she's home and feeling much better for now... it's nice to have my dog back, even if it's for an indeterminate amount of time...) I was watching Oprah. She had people on the show who had some sort of devastating loss- for example, a family who had a son/brother die in a motorcycle accident at the age of 20- and afterward experienced a spiritual awakening.

One of the people she featured on her show was a man named Rabbi Kula. He was discussing how to be more spiritual. A lot of what he said was interesting, and I've been trying to find a transcript or list of his suggestions.

However, I do remember that one of the things he said was to end your day with a list of ten things for which you are grateful. I like that idea (thought I admit I think ten is a lot to list every day). A friend of mine at work and I, when we'd had a bad day or were just in a grumpy mood, would insist that each of us list three things to be happy about on that day.

So here is a list of things I am grateful for today:

1) B-dog is home and not in pain. She even cuddled with me today.
2) She also ate her dinner which makes it much easier to administer her medicine.
3) My husband is doing the dishes right now because I made dinner. It's not that I'm so grateful about the dishes (though it is a chore I don't enjoy) but because overall I have an extremely thoughtful husband who loves me deeply. He's been a huge support for me through this situation with B.
4) My best friend, KB. I'm just really grateful she's in my life and that our relationship has progressed to such a deep, adult friendship in the last seven years.
5) My husband and I are both in good health.
6) We are both employed in jobs that will always have work to do.
7) We also have a nice chunk of savings and parents (his) that are financially well off as well as generous. I know this is such a difficult time financially for people and feel very lucky about our situation.
8) I am grateful that my parents are still living and enjoying life as they venture into their sixties.
9) Though it is frustrating to deal with this infertility situation, we are very lucky to live near a city that has many wonderful options for treating infertility.
10) I am also grateful to live in a state that mandates insurance pay for fertility treatments.

So there are ten- not as hard as I thought! It definitely lifts my spirits to be reminded that I am a very lucky woman. :)

***ETA: After further research, I was able to find this on Oprah's site.

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