Wednesday, January 28, 2009

F is for....

Frenchie has extended her friend's blog challenge to me. She came up with 10 favorite things that start with C, and now it's my turn to share my 10 favorite F words.

1. Fourteen. That's the age of the students I teach. There are days that they drive me crazy, but it is generally a very fun age to teach.

2. Financially independent. My greatest pride is that I achieved this on my own at a fairly young age.

3. Friends. I am lucky to have some very good ones.

4. Furry, because two of my best friends are. ;)

5. Fireplace. I have informed III that every house we ever live in from now on must have one. Love it.

6. Flirt. I used to love to flirt. And I was good at it! I am now in retirement (except with my husband, of course).

7. Fotos. Okay, so I cheated. But I do love photos and am trying to improve my photography skills.

8. Flowers. In the two years or so, I've started buying cut flowers at the grocery store to put in my kitchen. This past summer I planted a garden for the first time, which was semi-successful. I'm hoping to do better this year. :)

9. Festive. It's fun to be festive.

10. Fantastic! Just because it's a happy word and fun to say. :)

What's your favorite F word?


A. said...

Well, you *did* take most of the good ones :) Facts, faith, fun, Feng Shui, fabulousness.


Frenchie said...

Yay--Thanks for playing along!!