Friday, January 23, 2009

Insemination 1: check.

IUI today. (I have a 2nd one tomorrow.) I had a super chatty nurse. Not just chatty about stuff, but walking me through EVERY SINGLE STEP of the IUI. Granted, I'd rather that than the alternative I guess. (Like when I got my first facial. I had no idea what she was doing and she didn't tell me, so when she started squeezing my pores I was like WTF???) She told me she likes to inseminate
S L O W L Y to make sure it all gets in there and to make it more comfortable for me. I don't know how to explain it- it may be a kind of had-to-be-there thing- but it was humorous.

I feel bad for III with this process. Maybe I shouldn't, because I'm the one who has to go to at least 4 appointments a month and be poked and prodded and have blood taken and things inserted into me... but I do.

III was raised in a VERY religious Roman Catholic home. Sex was not discussed, aside from him being told as a pre-teen that, while his dad would always love him, if he had sex with a girlfriend she would not be welcome in their home. When he did start having sex (which wasn't until he was 24 years old- he was a virgin until 24!) and his mom realized it, she dealt with it by handing him a pamphlet on chastity. And while he's never commented to me on their take on masturbation, from what I've heard about Catholicism and knowing his family, I can certainly imagine.

So the whole getting-off-in-a-cup thing I think makes him uncomfortable. And I KNOW delivering the sample makes him uncomfortable. Hopefully this time was easier because he knew the process... But I think he just feels awkward about it. And it makes me feel bad for him. :(

Of course, I have a running tally going on for how many new people have seen my coochie in the past six months. (It's seven, in case you were curious.)

So today starts the "two week wait" as they call it. Here's hoping for a positive outcome.

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