Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three brighter thoughts

I apologize to my small number of followers that I'm so cranky so often... I think I'm definitely going through one of those shitty periods right now, and I'm definitely taking advantage of the outlet an anonymous blog gives me....

But to change it up a bit...

I have a new resolution to do the dishes. Actually, two resolutions- do the dishes and walk the dogs. The last two days I discovered that III is in an infinitely better mood if he comes home and finds I've done the dishes. I hate doing the dishes, but really it's such a small thing for some shalom bayit. I think we've both been in a funk lately, and if my spending 10-15 minutes when I first come home to do the dishes makes it so that III and I are able to just enjoy being together in the evenings, that is definitely something I can do.

My other resolution is to walk the dogs after school- I'm having a really hard time getting into a fitness routine, so this is a start. Of course, I know I'm an excuse maker so to head off those excuses, I put in some restrictions. I will walk the dogs right after school (before the dishes) every day that it is above 30 degrees, it is not precipitating, and it is not yet dark. The last four days has been at least one of the three each day, so it hasn't kicked in yet... ;)

That brings me to my second brighter thought... I'm a big fan of postsecret. Actually, since this is an anonymous blog I can admit that I actually sent in a postsecret once... maybe I'll save that for another post since it no longer applies. (My wish came true!) This week's post secret had this postcard which I, obviously, loved.

I keep meaning to post about some of my spiritual stuff- I've recently done some reading on reincarnation, which really appeals to me (even if I'm not 100% sure I believe in it) and I always wonder where my sweet pups fit into it. So I loved that card- if it was by some chance true it would make those first moments 'after' perfect...

Finally, this is what is making me happy this week:
I fully admit to being completely disorganized when it comes to my space. I can be extremely organized when I'm planning a trip or teaching someone else how to do something new... but for some reason my desk, my car, my closet... it's a nightmare. I'm very right brained, so the mess often makes sense to me. But it can be frustrating to anyone who has to live/work in the same space as I do. III is very 'type A'. His tolerance for 'mess' is MUCH lower than mine. (I'll refer you back to the dishes resolution...) In general, he deals with my disorganization pretty well- he's well able to balance my good points with my bad. :)

My closet was looking rough for a while. I had one of those plastic drawers where I was keeping my underwear, bras and socks. It had 4 drawers, one for bras, 2 for underwear (organized by type- bikini and hipsters vs. thong), and one for socks. The sock drawer was overflowing-I had to find a new solution.

Enter Bed Bath & Beyond. I spent quite a while there and finally settled on this solution. So far it's working perfectly. I get a little thrill every time I head in to pull out a pair of undies or socks. LOL. Sometimes, it's the little things. :)

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