Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Okay. Things just kind of suck right now.

Getting up in the morning and coming to school gets harder and harder. My job is exhausting me and I'm just not enjoying it right now. Every morning my alarm goes off and I just want to pull the blankets up over my head and go back to sleep.

III is feeling that times ten. He is extremely unhappy at work right now. He hates the squad he's on and he's feeling like he's getting taken advantage of from every angle. He comes home and is tired and cranky and defeated. This morning, I could just see him fighting to make himself go to work. He was so visibly miserable. He has even started talking about quitting his job and going back to work for his dad (which frightens me as that would mean a move 1500 miles away...).

You know how they say that women are venters and men are fixers- that when a couple has a conversation, often times the woman just wants to vent and have someone listen, but the guy always wants to "fix" it? Well, I'm a fixer. It comes from my dad- he's totally that way too. I need to have a plan and know that I'm doing something to try to make things better. So I hate seeing III like this because there is really little I can do. I have no control over what happens at work. All I can do is to be as supportive as I can at home, but between my own work stuff and this ttc stuff, I'm not doing so great myself.

As I mentioned yesterday (and elaborated on in the comments) I bought some cards yesterday. I bought one for III. It said "everything will be okay in the end. if it's not okay, it's not the end." Then I went online and bought him a gift certificate for a massage. (This place near our house has a special for first time clients.) I wrote him a note and put in the gift certificate. I slipped it into his lunch bag this morning while he was in the shower, so when he eats his lunch he'll find it (hopefully!). I hope it makes his day a little better and reminds him that we're in this together and that things will get better.


Sticks and Stims said...

That is really sweet! I may steal that idea from you - this 2ww has been hard on Mr. M too.

I am sorry about the job situations. There is (almost - well except for being a uterus of death like me) nothing worse than hating your job. I used to because of one bigshot that I had a major throwdown with - I was sure I was going to get fired - I did not, I no longer work with her and life is good. But, I was prepared to do any other job - I waitressed for a long time and I would have done that again in a heartbeat - rather than be miserable. ((HUGS))

Auntie, aka cagny said...

Hello! I saw your comment on the Gold Puppy. I see you teach Middle School. So do I!
I am a library media specialist at a middle school here in the Bronx.
Nice to meet you.

Reya Mellicker said...

Sorry you two are both struggling right now. If only one of you was struggling, the other one could be of more support. But everything always happens all at once.

I think a massage is a GREAT idea - for III and for you, too. An hour of peace, on the table is worth every dollar.

Take good care. Sending good energy in your direction.

Emily said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift! Your hubby is a lucky man! I am sorry you are both unhappy at work right now - that is such a terrible feeling. Hoping it gets better soon!

Frenchie said...

I'm sorry things are so hard right now. You are such a great wife to do those sweet little things for your husband. I think I'll take a cue from you and do something nice for Mister this week, who's been not loving his job, either! ;) Take care of yourself!!!!
p.s. happy st patty's day!