Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm sitting around waiting for the nurse to call with results and directions.

I had an u/s and bloodwork at 9am this morning. I'm on CD 10 after a week on B.ravelle. When I had the u/s and bloodwork done on Wednesday, my left ovary had 5-10 unmeasurable follicles and my right had 2-4 unmeasurable and one that was 13mm. My e.strogen was at 51. They upped my meds for 3 days to "speed things up." So I was disappointed when the tech told me today that I still had nothing measurable on the left and, still, only one measurable on the right- now 16mm.

I know it's only day 10... so maybe some more will pop up in the next few days. But they stepped me up because the c.lomid wasn't really doing anything for me. I do ovulate on my own, and the doctor explained to me that the c.lomid wasn't helping me produce much more than I do on my own.

Now it seems like - and this is my perspective without yet talking to the nurse - neither is the FSH. Why am I not responding to these meds????

While I've been typing this, my result came on the clinic's online portal. Again, 5-10 unmeasurable on the left, 2-4 on the right, one at about 16.4mm. My e.strogen is at 256. My peak during my other cycles were over 700.

Ok- the nurse just called. She said I had an e.strogen of 256 "which is a nice rise" and one measurable but "lots of small follicles". So that sounds positive. More meds tonight and another u/s tomorrow at 7:45 am. ugh. There goes my sleeping in...

I don't know. Maybe this is normal and I'll have more follicles in the next day or two. My first round of c.lomid I had 3 on CD12 but my third round I only had one.

I really hoped this would work this month. I know there's more time to go, but I feel like my hopes are really down...

This sucks.


Sticks and Stims said...

Gah - I read your post title and I was hoping it was about one of your students, not your follies.

I will stay hopeful for you - I hope that you are the light of good news in the midst of all of the darkness lately.

Caroline said...

It sounds like you have had a stressful time lately. I hate the ups and downs that infertility treatments bring us. I am hoping that this cycle is successful for you.