Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feeling crappy.

I am all around feeling like crap today. Late yesterday I started to feel like I was getting sick. I stuck some z.icam up my nose and took some a.irborne. I also took some nighttime cold meds before bed, but this morning I have a sore throat, am headachey and stuffy. Yuck.

I had to get up at 7 this morning to go to the clinic for my u/s and bloodwork. Still only one follicle. *sigh* WTF? I know it takes only one to get pregnant, and I know that some people are unable to even produce that, but considering I've been told I produce that on my own what am I sticking myself for every day for the past eight days if it's not going to have an effect??? And my estrogen is only at 392 but they are going to have me trigger tonight. I didn't talk to anyone because they called while I was napping and left a message, but it feels like a wasted cycle to me.

I just told III that the IUIs are tomorrow and Monday so he'll have to do a drop off in the morning and he seemed irritated. What is HE irritated about?? All he has to do is do his thing into a cup and drop it off before work. At least my appointments for the IUIs work out well for my schedule. I teach first period and then have 2nd and 3rd off both Monday and Tuesday so that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I'll see if I can get a sub on Tuesday first period so I can sleep in a little and go straight to the clinic.

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