Sunday, March 15, 2009

Naughty dog!

I'm so mad at M-dog!!!

We just went for a long walk around our neighborhood. It's beautiful outside and there were more people out than I've seen most other times we've walked. People who even said hello! :)

We got home and III was sitting out on our front porch reading. I took the dogs off the leash so the could say hello. They both lay down in the sun while I deadheaded my rosebushes, which had some shriveled buds from the fall.

Next thing I know, I turn around and M-dog has run into the street. A guy had come running by on his bike with his dog. M ran up to them, and I couldn't see exactly what happened because my neighbors damn van was parked in front of our house, but the dogs started getting aggressive. The man on the bike kicked out at M-dog (I don't blame him- he wanted to protect his own dog) so by the time I ran over, M had backed off.

The thing is, I know most of the time the aggression is mostly show for M-dog, but this poor guy and his dog don't know that. I also have met that dog before, and he's very young and very hyper and has a tendency to jump on other dogs. I'm not making excuses, because this was totally our fault. I hate when I'm walking the dogs and other dogs who are off leash come running up to us. But today that was my dog, and then he caused trouble! I'm so embarrassed. They guy was really nice about it, and his dog was fine, and they continued running (they passed our house another 2 or 3 times).

Usually both dogs are good when we have them out front with us (our backyard is fenced), but we definitely have to keep our eyes on M. I'll have to get some sort of line to put him on when we're out there because it appears we can't trust him. :(

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Lisa said...

My dog shelly is like that - it is nerve-wracking!!!!