Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday post #2

I know I already posted today, but this is really important:

I need suggestions about what to do about my dark circles under my eyes.

I went to go to the bathroom and looked I in the mirror- what the...? Who punched me in the face???

At first I thought it was my make-up choice for the day- I did something a little different. But when I looked closer, I realized all my eye make-up was still in place. The circles are showing through my boi-in.g cover up.

Part of it is just hereditary. A lot of my family have the dark circles. But the boi-in.g usually takes care of those. Am I just too tired? Stress? Did I age extra amounts this week???

Cucumbers? Ice? Pancake make-up? A nap? Thank goodness it's Friday.


Sticks and Stims said...

Let me know if you find the magic cure - I could use it!

Sticks and Stims said...

I use my laptop - I love laying in bed reading on it. I have thought about the kindle too but it is so expensive and it seems kind of small - I like not having to hold the laptop up - it seems like the kindle would be a pain in the ass in bed or on the couch - where my fat ass has been for the last year!

Jess said...

Shoot...I think I would kill myself if I didn't have the summers off, lol! Everyone loves to tell me how easy I have it and how I got it made...please!

She is an American Bulldog but everyone thinks she is a boxer or a pit bull. I didn't want a dog and I fought my husband and cried, begged, pleaded for him to not get a dog and he won our fight...and I am so freaking in love with her and couldn't even picture her not being my baby. She was the runt and the breeder (my husbands co-worker) didn't do a good job in my opinion because Shelby was sick, and I had to play nurse. She filled my mommy desires for six months, lol!