Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For real?

Is it really that hard to figure out that someone who is going through fertility treatments is just not excited to hear about your 12 week ultrasound?

Maybe I'm a bitch. I know you're excited about your pregnancy (which "took" on the third try). But you already shared with me every detail of your morning sickness including the day that you vomited so violently it came through your nose. Or how your spouse is making you eat all this healthy food. Or how you had to buy maternity jeans because your old jeans are just a bit too snug.

BUT you know that I have now had 16 cycles of 'trying'. You know I've done three cycles of clomid, two of those with an IUI. You know that I am still not pregnant. (And, may I add, you only know this because you ask me these uber-personal questions directly, ensuring that I either have to share the information or lie to you- and I'm a terrible liar.)

And I consider you a friend, but really? We're not that close. You have many other people with whom you can (and will) share this exciting news. Does it have to be the first thing you bring up in the copy room this morning after a 3 day weekend? Are you trying to be insensitive, or do you just not care that it might be painful to me to hear all about how you could actually see that it looks like a baby in there- head, face, fingers, toes.

Please go share with someone else and leave me alone. I'm not sure our casual friendship can survive this kind of self involved insensitivity, because, honestly? This sort of thing just makes me want to avoid you at all costs.


Emily said...

people can be so inconsiderate. i am sorry...

Frenchie said...

Ugh. I'm sorry.

Lisa said...

thanks for posting on my blog! I read a bit about your story and I will keep my fingers crossed for you on your first injectable cycle - btw, I love the name of your blog!

Fertiles have no clue but I do not think - wait - I force myself not to think - that they do and say that crazy shit on purpose!...right?