Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random thoughts....

  • If I had a job that started later (or, even better, was part time!) there is so much I could do in the mornings. Work out, walk the dogs, play with them in the backyard, sit with a cup of coffee and a book to relax before heading out... and sleep later, of course! I spent a couple of minutes in the backyard with the pups this morning throwing a frisbee with M-dog. He was so excited!
  • I planted spring bulbs in November- tulips and daffodils. The little green shoots started coming up a few weeks ago and have grown quite a bit. The last few days we've had a cold snap and it's been below freezing. I hope they survive! I've gotten a cold from all this changing weather, so I hope they are hardier than I am. It's my first year trying spring bulbs, so I don't know what to expect.
  • I'm feeling a bit disconnected from III lately. Even when we are home together, I feel like we are doing completely separate things and on different wavelengths. I'm hoping to do a date night this weekend to reconnect.
  • Speaking of... what the heck is up with movie tickets? I looked online this morning (something else I could do if I could get a later start in the morning) and at the 3D theater it's $11.50 per person!!! Even the regular theaters are $10! I remember we had the "dollar theater" in my hometown growing up. It showed second or third run movies, but I don't think second and third run theaters even exist anymore! At least not where I live...
  • KB had this crazy procedure done last week to break up kidney stones she had, and she did not react well and is sick at home. Her husband even took some time off of work to take care of her. She is not the toughest trooper, in that she has a low tolerance for pain and discomfort, but this one has me worried about her. Send her some healing thoughts!!!
  • While my late arrival to school got me a crappy parking space quite a bit away from the building, one of the back doors was unlocked (when you approach my school from the drive, you approach the back of the school, so usually you have to walk all the way around to get to the unlocked front doors... just poor planning...). The copy machine was working (it wasn't yesterday when I left) and there was no line. I had about half a period before the kids came, so I had some time to relax and drink my coffee... ahhhhhh.
Not so random- my IUI went a little more smoothly today. III's count was a bit lower but his motility was 4x higher, so that's nice. I got there a little early and so, amazingly, they called me a bit early so I was out by 5 minutes after my appointment was scheduled. Definitely more relaxing than yesterday. The nurse was nice too- she commented on how easily the catheter went in, and said "You're pregnant! I already know it." A nice thought, but I still don't have super high hopes. What I do have is cramps, so at least ovulation appears to be on schedule...

I hope all my IF blogger buddies are having a better day today- it seems like a lot of us are in a slump and having tough times and bad news. {{{hugs}}} to you all, girls!

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Sticks and Stims said...

I am glad it went more smoothly today.