Monday, May 18, 2009

Two before noon...

III has a friend 'back home' who we see every time we visit. He's married and they have three kids. I've also become close enough with his wife that she and I keep in touch through I really like this couple. Visiting with them is the thing I most look forward to whenever we travel back to his hometown.

Yesterday, III told me that they are having some trouble. He had gotten an email from his friend "venting" about his wife. III was asking about the meds I take and any side effects I've had. He told me that the email said there are some issues going on.

Today I read the email. (Something I'm not proud of- III knows I have his passwords- he gave them to me! But I know I wouldn't be thrilled if he was reading logging into my emails. Part of it is the previous p.orn issue, but part of it is one of the dark sides of my personality that I've yet been able to break. *sigh* Some periods of time are better than others, in terms of that. But I digress...) It does not sound good. The wife is in a very bad place and has expressed to III's friend that she is questioning how she feels about their marriage. He is frustrated because he feels like he has provided for her in every way and doesn't know what else he can do.

This not only makes me so, so sad for them, but sad for us too. I would be devastated if they broke up. I think III would too- he was good friends with both of them long before he met me. Last week we talked about what would happen if we moved back that way (I keep meaning to post about that conversation, but other stuff has been in the way). He asked if having them close would help make the move a little easier on me, and it would. I would love to see them more often. So, I'm concerned for them and their family while also feeling selfish about how it would affect us.

As I said, they have three kids: a six year old and twin 2 year old boys. She stays home with them while he works 2 jobs. Maybe she is feeling stir crazy and overworked as a SAHM. She recently started selling a home skin care- kind of like an Avon thing. I know that she also had a hard time with mother's day last week, because her own mom died a few years ago. I'm hoping that this is just a "rut" for them and that they are able to work things out and she feels better soon. :-(


michelle said...

Seeing the problems of others often makes me nervous both for them and for myself. It makes me question the strength of my marriage (even when things are wonderful) it makes me see the vulnerability in every relationship and see that love and marriage are a lot of work and not all fairytale with happy endings. I hope things work out for your friends.

Caroline said...

I feel for you and for your friends. It is a difficult situation. I hope that they work it out. xx

Anonymous said...

I too hope for the best for them and their children.