Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New project

I spent the last two weeks or so trying to make a dress. I had this idea in my head, and found a pattern that I thought I could make work.

I got it mostly put together and thought it was looking pretty good... but yesterday I was finally able to put it on and see how it would come together once it had the closure in- and it just wasn't going to work. Actually, more accurately it would have worked but probably would have looked "home made". So I cut the bodice off and am just going to make it a skirt.

So this week I started a new project. With the help of You.Tube, I taught myself to knit.

So far I've only been doing the basic knit stitch. The first attempt was pretty ugly, but I got the hang of it. The second used some yarn I had left over from when I made M a doll- it was much easier to work with and turned out very nicely. Unfortunately, I only had a little of it, so I now have a little red knitted rectangle. I think I'm going to try to make it into a little bag for make up or jewelry.

I have 2 skeins of purple yarn that I bought just because I liked it. So I decided to use it to try to make a scarf. The easiest thing to knit from my understanding. This yarn is definitely tougher to use than the red yarn, but not as difficult as my original attempt. I started it 3 times, and pulled it out. I want to make sure the beginning is good because that seems to make the rest of it go more easily.

A friend of mine, who also used to be a teacher, stopped working when she and her fiancee (now husband) moved further out of town. After a while, she decided to open an shop, selling jewelry. She's done a pretty good job and has a good number of regular customers.

I put a few of my photos on at one point, but I didn't set up to take Pay.Pal and I didn't do anything to advertise it, so while I got some hits, I got no sales. I'd love to do something creative and sell it. I'm a little concerned about how, when you open your own "business" in that way, how taxes work... I know a lot of people do it 'under the table' but that wouldn't really work for us. So I may try again by making a few dolls like the one I made M.

I figured, if this was something I'd like to pursue eventually, knitting is always a good skill to have. :)

While I was in the process of typing this, SS popped into my room. She was contacted by an online wedding site because they wanted to use some of her wedding photos in an upcoming book. They contacted her photographer, but she told them they weren't hers... because they were MINE!!! How cool! I guess my photo taking isn't too bad. :) I actually had another photo that has been published on a website by an online tour guide type site, so if they do want these it would be the second time. Kind of exciting... :)

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