Thursday, May 21, 2009

A bunch of randoms...

You know how they talk about 'pregnancy brain'? When KB was pregnant, she would lose her purse and forget doctor's appointments- things she never did normally. Well, I'm clearly not pregnant, but somehow I'm having something eerily similar to pregnancy brain. Maybe another side effect of the pills? (that is kind of tongue in cheek... I don't really think the BCP would do that...) Tuesday we got out a little early (school is released earlier on Tuesdays because we usually have meetings, but this week we had none) and I was all excited I would get home early and get some work done... except my battery was dead. I had left my lights on. Yesterday, I stopped by a colleague's room on my way out. When I got home, I searched my car for my laptop. With panic in my throat I called my colleague- sure enough, I left my laptop case sitting next to her desk.

WTF is wrong with me this week?

Actually, I am a little sick. Yesterday I thought it was just allergies, but now it seems I'm getting a spring cold. Excellent.

Last night, I chatted on IM with III's friend's wife. As is always true, every story has at least two sides. Apparently, her husband did something a number of years ago that caused some mistrust. She didn't give me specifics, but I'm guessing it was some sort of inappropriate flirtation with another woman. (III and I agreed it probably didn't go beyond that- knowing her personality, we don't think the wife would have stayed with him if it did.) She acknowledges that he's done everything he needs to do in the last number of years to earn her trust back, but for some reason it all hit the fan recently and she is having trouble dealing with it. If I do the math, it seems that got pregnant with the twins shortly after this happened, so I would think that would make it harder to heal because there is so much else going on. Also, as I mentioned before, mother's day is really hard for her, and it sounds like a lot of this started around the same time...

Anyway. Long story short, it was good to talk to her, and she was really grateful because she felt like I really understood. (I alluded to our own problem right after we were married, though I didn't go into details...) Most importantly, she is feeling like she definitely wants to work on their marriage and get back to a good place. I know her husband feels that way too, so I'm pulling for them and wishing them the best.

I finished one of my little projects. I took my red knitted rectangle and turned it into a little lined pocket. It will be perfect when I travel to put some jewelry or make up in. It turned out pretty good, so I'm pleased. :)More state testing today... our last one. But, based on my schedule, it should be a pretty easy day, with the exception of having to spend most of it with my homeroom. They are not the best behaved bunch I've ever had....

This weekend, we are having a bunch of III's work friends over for a BBQ. I'm really looking forward to it- I like having guests, and I love when we have time to socialize with III's friends. He can be so reserved and shy, it's nice to watch him in his element with his buddies. :)

On the ttc front, yesterday was my third day of lu.pron. Nothing interesting to report there. Sunday is my last day on BCP so then I guess we go from there!

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