Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Month #19

As expected, yesterday's beta was negative.

The nurse called earlier that usual- a little after ten- and I was teaching in the computer lab, so I missed the call. I called back because I had some questions about the meds I'll be taking, timing, and appointments. Without going into the whole thing, lets just say I was bounced around (Kathy takes care of this, but she's busy so Donna can help me, but then Dee needs to schedule that appointment, but oh, wait I already had a physical so I need to call my gyn, but need to talk to Donna again to get my consents signed....*sigh*) and my head was spinning by the time I got off the phone.

One thing I haven't been good about is the 'no alcohol' thing. During IUIs I was not told specifically by Dr. Z to cut out all alcohol. For IVF, the forms specifically say to avoid alcohol. I don't want to come off sounding like an alcoholic, but I do love me my glass (okay- two glasses) of red wine while I unwind in the evenings. I took a break for one month and was pretty good about it, but did have a glass here or there if we had dinner out... I know I will have to cut it out when I'm pregnant, but at least that is absolute. For how long will I be doing all of this before I get pregnant? Ahhh- therein lies the rub.

As for this cycle, I've been having some spotting over the past few days. This morning I thought I was getting my period, but it seems to be a bit shy and so now I'm not sure... Hopefully I'll know in the next few hours if I am so I can call the clinic and they can get all the insurance stuff going. That is one thing for which I remain grateful - I know that some of you ladies are paying for this out of pocket and I can only imagine how much more stressful this makes the whole process. I have to (well, my clinic has to) jump through a lot of hoops, but at least after all that most of it is paid for.


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I hope everything goes well for you, and works out how you are hoping.

My heart always goes out to anyone struggling to have a baby.