Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

When I was in elementary school, my sister and I used to make little baskets from construction paper on May Day. We'd go to my mom's flower garden and gather some flowers, put them in the basket, and hang them on our neighbors' doors. I wonder what they thought when they saw the little homemade basket with (very likely) wilting flowers. LOL

Today is also B-dog's birthday. She's nine years old today! Crazy. I got her when she was five. In some ways, I can't believe it was four years ago. In others, I can't believe I haven't always had her.

I am thrilled that the weekend is almost here.

On the first Friday of every month, my colleagues have a social after school at a local pub. I generally like to go and socialize, but this week I'm so tired. People don't generally get there until 45 minutes to an hour after school ends, and since I don't teach last period today, I will have anything I need done right as school ends. Not sure if I want to wait around...

Tomorrow I am getting up early. III is on a tactical squad for his work, and tomorrow they are doing a simulation as a presentation to a community group. I am going to watch. It will be the first time I've seen III "in action" at work so I'm looking forward to it. His partner's wife will also be there and she's a super nice, friendly person, so I'm looking forward to seeing her too.

Hope everyone has a lovely spring weekend!

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michelle said...

Happy Birthday to B-dog! Woof. Marley will be 10 this year and we got her when she was 6 months. I.Cannot.Believe.That.Much.Time.Has.Passed.

Hope III's event went well! Have a great Sunday!