Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clearly, I have much more to say today...

...because this post is much longer than yesterday's.

B-dog has her last treatment today. This is nice because when she has treatment I have to leave the house at 6am and drive in the opposite direction that I would drive to go to work. I do love having her in the car though. She loves to sit next to me, and as long as we're driving she's super calm. If I pet her or scratch her chin, she is so happy and just leans into me. I just love that dog so damn much. M-dog has been super cuddly lately too. He comes over and puts his head in my lap so that I will rub his ears. In the mornings, he comes and lays on the rug in the bathroom while I do my makeup so he can be close by. I'm so in love with my dogs!

My neighbors, on the other hand, suck. Not all of them- just one in particular. We live at a T-intersection. We live at the top of the T, and this neighbor lives along the vertical part of the T, (does that make sense?), two houses away. There is some discussion around the neighborhood about whether he is a 'user'. III has some concerns about that as well, because of some habits he appears to have. Aside from that, though...he and his high school son play catch in the street. The son throws the ball, and the dad "catches" it- except he doesn't. So the ball regularly goes into our yard. Which wouldn't be a big deal- except they've hit our cars, our porch, and set III's work car alarm off multiple times. The other day I heard a huge BANG. The dogs went nuts. I oped the door, and saw them outside. The father was retrieving the ball from our yard and then walked away without a word. I stood there in the doorway with the dogs going nuts... and he finally turned around and said "Whoops. The ball bounced." I looked at the door- there was a dent in our steel door. FINALLY they decided maybe they should throw the other way- away from our house.

But it was too late. Now, III is PISSED. In the past, when they have hit something and he's called out to ask them to be a little more careful, we haven't really gotten a positive response. (We actually don't get much of a response... more of a "yeah, yeah...") He knew there was a good chance he would lose his temper if he went over there, especially if the dad was rude or dismissive. So yesterday, while working on a case with the local police, he spoke to them about what they thought he should do. Apparently, our town has some sort of community outreach at the PD that helps with neighbor disputes. So he called the outreach, told them who he was, and explained the situation. So I guess they are going to talk to our neighbor. I'm a little wary... I understand why he didn't want to go over there, but I kind of feel like if the PD came knocking on our door about a situation like that, I'd wonder why the person didn't just come talk to me themselves. III is trying to avoid issues with the neighbor, but hopefully this solution doesn't cause additional issues...

I have a beta on Monday. I've just been exhausted this week. At first, I thought it was just adjusting from being back from vacation. Then I realized- I felt like this around the same time last cycle. So while the meds don't seem to give me specific side effects while I'm taking them, they seem to change my cycle enough that a) I'm exhausted beginning about 8 dpo and b) I'm definitely crankier and moodier. I don't really get much PMS under regular circumstances, but the last two cycles I definitely have some PMS-y symptoms.

Of course, I won't know for sure whether or not I'm pregnant. If I do end up pregnant, it may be too early for anything in my body to have changed enough to eliminate those symptoms. Or it could be causing my symptoms. I'm not super optimistic that this cycle will be successful, but I do have a smidgen of hope. According to Dr. Z, there is no known reason why we shouldn't be able to get pregnant with IUI... luckily, if it doesn't work again this time, he is proactive enough to move us along to a procedure with a higher probability of success.

One more day to the weekend. Four days to beta. Thirty seven (school) days until summer break!!!


michelle said...

Wow sounds like a lot going on. I am so happy for B-dog...yay for finishing treatment. You should give him something special to celebrate! Was it chemo that he had? I have always thought it interesting that dogs don't lose their hair the way humans do - what a sight that would be right.

5:00 Friday cannot get here soon enough and I love the emerson quote!

Anonymous said...

Yay for B Dog and hugs to you