Monday, April 27, 2009

Buying art

Even though we've been in our house for 2 1/2 years, we're still decorating.

Our dining room is still definitely a work in progress. It has definitely developed a wine theme, so I've been looking for decor that reflects that. When I was in CA last year, I saw a great painting that I thought would be wonderful for the big wall in the dining room. However, I'm terrible at making decisions on my own, especially when those decisions involve spending large amounts of money, so I skipped it.

Since then I've been looking for things that work. We found something inexpensive at Bed B.ath & Be.yond that fits well. I found these two paintings on that I thought would look great together on one of the shorter walls. Each canvas was square, and was a close up of a wine glass. One was a glass of white wine and one a glass of red. However, art's not cheap (and the art on is usually a pretty good deal, compared to buying art in a gallery) so, of course, I put them in my favorites list and decided to sit on it for a while.

Now they're gone. :( It seems that the artist took them off and they are no longer available. (When they sell, they stay on my favorites, listed as "SOLD". In that case, I can return to the artist's site and see what else is there- in this case I don't even remember who the artist was!)

I did find another that I liked. Something totally different... I put it on my list and am going to check with III tonight to see what he thinks of it. It's about $200, which compared to BB&B is high, but compared to what art generally costs is a good deal. I'm not sure III will agree, though...

I have a former students who is now in high school who is a phenomenal painter... maybe I could "commission" her to paint me some wine glasses...

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Caroline said...

It sounds as though you have a talent for decorating. I love the idea of a wine theme. I'm sorry that the paintings you like have gone, but I hope that you can find some new ones. A commission is a great idea. Keep me posted.