Sunday, April 5, 2009

My history...

I planned to post all day today, but I just don't have much to say.

I have yet to post my "formal" ttc history, so I guess I'll do that...

10/06 Married!
10/07 Decided to stop BCP (on our anniversary...)
2/08 "Pre conception" visit with GYN
5/08 Another visit with GYN re: mid cycle bleeding
5/08 u/s discovers small fibroid. Dr. says it has no effect on fertility.
7/08 at yearly exam, GYN refers to RE
7/08-9/08 weekly acupuncture
8/08 first RE appointment, set up fun tests
9/08 HSG, Endometrial biopsy, SA, blood tests- all "normal" Dx: Unexplained infertility.
11/08 IUI #1 w/C.lomid
12/08 Beta #1- Negative
12/08 No IUI due to holidays, still Rx C.lomid
1/09 Beta #2- Negative
1/09 IUI #2 w/C.lomid
2/09 Beta #3- Negative
2/09 On vacation during ovulation, so taking a break from meds and ART for a month
2/09-4/09 weekly acupuncture again
3/09 IUI #3, this time with B.ravelle
4/09 ...we'll see tomorrow...


Emily said...

You have been through so much! I can't believe tomorrow is the big day! Have you POAS at all and are holding out on us or are you waiting it out? I may wait it out this time - I have POAS, it just never works out for me:)

Hoping tomorrow is one of the best days ever...

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hoping this one is the one!

Just me said...

Thanks ladies.

Em- Thanks for your support... I actually feel like I have been through so little compared to so many other women who are dealing with IF. I don't know how all of you do it who have been through so many IUIs and IVFs and miscarriages and disappointments... But I'm learning a lot from you all. :)