Saturday, April 18, 2009

So discouraged.

I had bw and u/s today and I still only have one follicle. :( WTF? I'm so discouraged. Why isn't this working for me???

They just called and want us to do IUI tomorrow and Monday. III is not going to be thrilled about having to "produce" a sample while AL is here. Wonder if he'd rather do it at the clinic... It also messes with our breakfast plans. I mean, KB and family can still come but my appt is at 9:20.

My friends who are the people I talk to about this mostly are KB and Sra. Both of them are like "Why haven't they gone to IVF yet???" The reason has to do with insurance, BUT to be perfectly honest I'm not super psyched to get to IVF. I DO want to have a baby, but IVF is so much more difficult and involved. I was just really hoping this IUI thing would work. :(


Anonymous said...

Blech, I am sorry. I have to say, after having three and one half rounds of IVF and doing one IUI (yes, it was unmedicated) if I ever had a choice, I would have tried IUI until the docs told me to give up.

That being said, I am reading about so many women who have tried IUI for a long time and had success with their first is a really personal decision and you will know what is right.

Caroline said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling discouraged. The infertility journey can be long and tough. Some months things seem to go well, and other months everything seems to be going badly. Hang in there - we are here for you.

I was super keen to move on to IVF. I can understand that everyone is different but I wanted to move on to the step that has the highest rate of success. But perhaps it is logical to try IUI first - I have heard of girls that have had success with it.
Look after yourself,
C xx