Friday, April 17, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

  • I am very excited for Emily! I was waiting all morning for her update and almost jumped out of my chair when I saw the results!
  • Today is my last day before a week's vacation. I never thought it would get here... I'm looking forward to doing NOTHING for a week.
  • I got my ears pierced in February- a tragus piercing and a anti-helix piercing. (Neither of those is my ear...) They were both pierced with a ring, but the ring, while easier to clean, were irritating when I slept. I changed to anti-helix last week to a barbell because I was worried it was rejecting. It went well, so I decided to change the tragus yesterday. Yikes. Apparently, the thicker cartilage poses more of a problem. Not only did it take me about 45 minutes, and not only did it HURT, but there was a lot of blood. Ugh. I finally got it done though, so hopefully it will heal okay and be more comfortable than the ring.
  • My cousin, AL, is coming to visit this weekend. I feel bad because I'm not as excited as I feel like I should be. We used to be really close, but she's had a really hard time to adjusting to me being married. She told me shortly after my wedding that she didn't like III because he wasn't "friendly" enough to her. She couldn't understand the difference between New Yorkers and Midwesterners... There is definitely a culture difference... So I'm nervous about her visit. I love her to death, but sometimes she can be difficult.
  • Part of AL's visit is a girls' night out with KB. That part I'm excited for... While getting married has definitely drove a bit of a wedge between AL and I, I think it brought KB and I closer together. I haven't seen nearly enough of her lately, and am excited to see her tomorrow. We also plan to go to the Children's Museum with her daughter on Tuesday and I'm excited for that too. I need some baby-time. (Though M is 2 now, and no longer a baby...)
  • First u/s of the cycle was yesterday (CD8). Once again, the tech told me there was only one measurable follicle, this time on the left. When I looked at my results on the portal, though, there was an 8.5 mm on the right, so hopefully over the next few days that one will mature too. I had a bunch of small ones on both sides, though I did last month too. They had me continue 225ius of B.ravelle for 2 days and I have another u/s on Saturday morning. Hoping that our first IUI will NOT be on Sunday, because KB and her family are supposed to come over for breakfast with III, AL and I... plus, I think III would be very nervous producing a 'sample' while AL is there.
  • It was proven yesterday that SS is just really that clueless. A whole group of us were socializing in my neighbor's classroom, and I was talking to an aide from my class. SS came in and was talking to my neighbor, and neighbor commented on SS's growing belly. SS said "Oh, I can show you our recent u/s pic) and neighbor said "Not right now. I'll look later," and must have looked towards me or pointed to me (I was still talking to the aide, but listening to this convo too). SS said "Oh, she's already seen it!" but neighbor must have done something or given a look, because the u/s pics were not pulled out. I guess she just doesn't understand why it might be difficult for me. She reads lots of blogs, and I know that some of them are people who are having trouble ttc. But I guess she just can't apply that to me. In all fairness, I still haven't said anything to her myself. *sigh* I guess it's all complicated. I'm looking forward to a week "off" from her...
  • I'm super, super excited that spring is here. The only problem is, it's like 40 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon- makes it hard to dress for the day!!! I see buds continuing to develop on my trees, bushes, and flowers. Can't wait!!!
  • Happy weekend!!!


Caroline said...

I hope that you have a great vacation - You deserve it. I also hope that the visit from your cousin is fun and that you can relax and enjoy yourself. It is so good to have a break from all of the TTC issues that we face every day. Hugs to you. C x

kirke said...

Your cycle is moving so fast!!

I'm glad that you have company coming so you can have fun and relax.