Saturday, May 16, 2009

Starting to freak out...

When I saw the PA regarding this cycle, I expressed to her my anxiety about how much more involved IVF was than IUI. She assured me that it wasn't that much more involved and that many women found it easier in some ways.

Ha. She must have been telling me that to make me feel better.

I had my phone interview with the patient education services yesterday. (...while I was getting my hair cut. Ha.) That went okay. But she told me there was still ONE MORE STEP I hadn't realized I had to do- this online "med.ical pass.port" thing. So today I did it. H O L Y crap. It was so complicated. I mean, it was basically a medical history, but a really detailed one. And then talked about how I couldn't wear nailpolish or any jewelry or earrings or anything for the procedure. Which may not seem like a big deal except... I have acrylic nails (do I have to have them removed? or just the nail polish?) and of the TEN piercings I have in my ears, two of them are new and one of them I already practically had to get a blood transfusion after removing and trying to put back in the earring... (clearly exaggerating, but there was quite a bit of bleeding.)

Then my box o' meds came. I expected it to be huger than in the past. But... when I spoke to the PA I asked about whether this would change my injections to intramuscular, and she said no. That they only do subcutaneous unless they absolutely have to.

But the needles that came? Yikes.

You might be saying "Yeah? So? You did injections before. Remember?"

Well, for comparison's sake:
Yeah. WTF? That's definitely a IM needle!

I'm thinking they sent the wrong needles. Or that I should just replace the long needle with the short (the needle part screws off because of the Q cap). But it makes me nervous... and I can't find out right now because it's the weekend...

This whole thing is making me very nervous, and it doesn't help that I have another 2 weeks until we even get to the stims part.

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out...


AJ48 said...

Oh boy, do I remember what you feeling right now. But dont worry, take it from someone who just got done with really isn't as bad as we make it out to be. I was so the point where I wouldnt even look at the IM needle until the day before I had to start them.

IVF is a very evasive procedure, but I would honestly do it again if I have to. (lets just hope I dont have to though :)

I dont think they sent you the wrong needles, those are for after the ER. You need to do the progesterone shots (in your butt) to help build up the lining in your uterus. This helps with implantation.

And just so your not alone - I was very afraid of them too. But the shot itself is really not that bad. A little prick, thats about it. I thought it was going to be a whole lot worse! But I wont lie...the next day your bottom will be sore!!

Good Luck with your IVF C! I really hope this is it for you!!!

Anonymous said...

It is scary and overwhelming. As you know, I did 3 IVFs and now I am giving myself the PIO with the IM needles in my fat ass. Depending on when you want to do the PIO - night or morning - is when you start after the ER. The first few times I did it in the am after the ER - but it had to be before mr. m went to work - so it was at 6 am - but that meant we had to get up on the weekends too...we then switched to night and it started the night of the ER, but it ruined some nights out. Now I give them to myself and I actually gave myself one in the Philadelphia airport.

DO NOT DO IT IN THE THIGH!!! It hurts the next day. Badly.

You are brave and beautiful - it will work out. You may have to take your piercings out - I would check that day with your anesthesiologist and see what he/she is comfy with.

I really hope you will be one and done. You have been through enough.

michelle said...

I have never been through IVF but I am diabetic and all I can say is the needle part of anything really stinks but think of it this way if needles = baby it is so totally worth it. Take it one day a time. It seems like you have a good number of readers who have been through IVF and can offer a whole lot of good advice - we are all here for support!